Carpet Water Damage Melbourne

4 Signs of Mould Growth After Carpet is Water Damaged

Water damages are sudden and you cannot control them. However, one of the most affected valuable items in the house is the carpets. Sometimes the damage is so severe that there is no choice but to replace the carpet. Carpet water damage Melbourne can be dealt with through mitigating ways. 

You can try DIY strategies or call professionals like us. Well in the first case the ineffectiveness of the strategies to get rid of the moisture from the carpet effectively can lead to mould growth in the carpet. Here are the signs to spot mould growth effectively. 

  • Increased Allergic Reactions

Mould produces spores, these are tiny particles that travel in the air. Get settled in the area of the moisture and grow. Inhalation of these spores has been found to be producing allergic reactions. So, if you are witnessing the increase in allergies without the spring season the reason can be mould growth. 

You cannot only guess this just based on the increased allergies. You need to evaluate the other criteria that are in line too. 

  • Check Out for Any Visible Growth

Moulds are easy to detect as they produce stains on the carpet that are easily visible. But it may not be that easy as the mould seems to grow in the inner fibres of the carpet. it may not always be visible on the surface. 

The staining is sometimes at the advanced stage of mould growth. So, if the stain is visible the mould has been thriving for a very long time on the carpet.

  • Presence Of Musty Odour Around

Mould growth has a peculiar unpleasant odour that cannot be left unnoticed. If you are in the home for long hours, you may not notice this odour. But the person visiting or family member coming home would notice this musty smell. 

The musty smell is the indication of the presence of mould spores and thereby thriving mould in the carpet. It is also an indication that the moisture from the water damaged carpet was not effectively removed. 

  • Damped Patches in The Carpet

After the water damaged carpet is dried out there is still a possibility that the padding still has some moisture content in it. With prolonged time and favourable temperature, the mould would grow on the padding.

This can also make the padding damped and hence you would feel the damped patches in the carpet.   

Carpets are a valuable part of the house. why take such a risk when the carpets are damaged. You can surely take the basic steps like getting rid of the water and drying the carpet immediately into consideration but relying totally on the DIY solution would lead to mould growth. 

Instead, call the professional, they would guide you through the carpet water damage Melbourne restoration process. You can also ask for aftercare tips from our professional to make sure that the carpet remains in good shape for a long time. The professional would clean the carpet and treat it with an effective solution to get rid of the excess moisture and any contaminants.