Carpet Water Damage Melbourne

5 Don’ts of Dealing with Water Damaged Carpets

When it comes to carpet damage, carpet water damage Melbourne might be the worst kind of carpet damage that can happen to your home or office.

Not only does water damage to your carpets make them more prone to mould and mildew growth, but it also severely decreases their durability and lifespan, making them much less desirable to use than before they were damaged by water.

When you know what not to do when dealing with water-damaged carpets, you’ll be much better prepared if you ever have this unfortunate situation happen in your own home or office space.

1) Do Not Ignore it

This can lead to permanent damage or expensive carpet water damage Melbourne that is hard to repair. Do not think that it will go away on its own. Waiting too long could end up costing you a lot more than what the carpets were worth in the first place.

Do not touch it and try to clean it up yourself, as this can lead to things such as mould, disease, and more issues for you and your family in the future.

carpet water damage

2) Do Not Ignore Prevention

Water can come from many places, including a leaky roof, floods and even your toilet. If water gets into your carpeting, it is important to take immediate action because prolonged exposure will worsen the damage.

3) Do Not Start Cleaning Before You Know The Extent Of Damage

Do not start the clean-up process without understanding how severe the water damage is to the carpet. Blowing over wet carpets or running a fan will do more harm than good and make it difficult for cleaning crews to completely extract all liquid.

This could lead to mildewing, which could cause respiratory irritation, inflammation and asthma attacks, among other things. When in doubt, leave this task to professionals who know what they are doing when it comes to water extraction and carpet water damage removal.

4) Do Not Do Too Much Too Fast

It is also important to take note of any discoloured spots on your carpet. The reason for this is that some coloured or patterned carpets may leave behind an unsightly stain that is not immediately noticeable.

You can still get your carpets clean, but only if you are able to discern what caused the discolouration before it sets in. So, as soon as you notice something out of the ordinary, go ahead and act quickly to save your carpet from unnecessary trauma.

5) Do Not Neglect Discolored Spots

Do not neglect discoloured spots. Attempting to clean a carpet water damage Melbourn spot might end up making it worse as the spot may bleed into other spots.

Instead, blot up excess water from the affected area and then gently place a heavy object on top (such as a book or even a heavy appliance) to absorb any remaining moisture.


The best way to handle water-damaged carpets is prevention. So make sure the water doesn’t have a place to start leaking in your home.

If the leak has already taken place, the next best option is to extract as much water as possible, then clean up and treat the spot with a carpet protector or anti-soil chemicals.