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5 Easy Ways to Clean House After Flood

Natural hazards are unpredictable and can occur any time in any season. Specially floods are totally unpredictable that can be caused due to poor plumbing service and carelessness. It might sound strange but the majority of people don’t take plumbing problems seriously and let it go until it turns out to be tragic. Not only rain but continuous water leakage can flood your home and spoil all your belongings.

It can be a very confusing situation when you arrive from outside and find your house flooded with water and floating house items, at that time, consult the top  Flood Restoration Melbourne company that is specialized in handling the house effectively and helps you with speed damage recovery.

Few things you can do on your own in case of a flooded house is :

Shut off the gas and electricity board. : Before entering the home, quickly shut off the gas and electricity board to prevent electric shock and disaster.  

Protective gear: Wear rubber boots and protective gear for safety.

Try removing water and floated stuff: Open the windows and doors and remove the extra water by self. Use the vacuuming method to get the possible work quickly done.

Scrub walls: Scrub walls with a mild cleanser and scrub to remove dust, mud, and debris.

Disinfect the surface: Flood water is usually dirty water. It contains many germs and bacteria that cause serious disease it is important to disinfectant the entire house with the disinfectant liquid or soap to ensure total safety

Insurance claims: Take specific pictures and videos as proof to show the tax company. This might also help in tax reduction and cost deduction if you hire a flood restoration service.

Should I hire a professional flood restoration company or clean it myself?

Though it depends on the flood damage, if the damage is less then it can be a cover-up by basic cleaning by taking safety precautions. But if the damage is severe and includes risky installations then it’s always a good option to hire a reputed flood restoration company.  Cleaning flood water by self is never a good idea because flood water is loaded with harmful micro-organisms and bacteria and may lead you to poor health. Flood water can also cause fungal skin infections that mainly occur from contaminated water.

How much does flood restoration cost?

It depends upon the damage to the home and the entire property. The minimum cost of floodwater restoration generally starts from $ 1000 up to $ 8000. If it’s just about the wall repair and bathroom drying service then the cost may vary up to $ 3000. It usually takes up to 72 hours to get completely clean, dry, and repair all the damaged stuff to recover average damage. Though electrical repairs and other construction damage might take up to 1 to 2 weeks to get totally fixed.

Endnote: Compromising on hiring the cheap cleaning service will take you nowhere, choose one of the reputed company total flood damage Melbourne for all flood restoration service and cleaning service.

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