Carpet Water Damage Melbourne

5 signs you need to know for protecting carpet from water damage

Water damage is not always caused by the storm, flood, etc. but can also be caused by plumbing problems. A small leak in the house can further lead to disastrous problems. Water damage can occur from the bathroom and kitchen because these are the places where the water is used more.

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If you suspect a leak at your house there are certain tips to know if they leak or not.

5 signs to know the water damage in your house

  1. Musty odour

The high-relative humidity at home can lead to a musty odour and especially if you live in wet climate areas like southeast and northwest. If you have a hidden leak the odour you smell is a sign that you are having a mould problem. As it can create more damage it is important to find the leakage. There are certain places from where you can determine a leak, that is under the window along with the ceiling due to a roof leak or the plumbing fixtures like toilet and sink. Air conditioning can have leakage in ducts and it most commonly occurs in summer. Sometimes the smell can be stronger around the water leakage areas.

  1. Appearance of mould

Mould is the common problem that is associated with water leaks. If your building materials, furniture, and personal belongings will remain wet in an environment with an elevated humidity level then it will quickly support the growth of mould. Mould associated with water leakage can further cause fungal infections in people with a weakened immune system. You can observe the mould problems near the laundry rooms, bathrooms, and kitchen where the water usage is more.

  1. Changes in ceiling, walls, and flooring

The dry walls and ceiling being bubbly are the signs of water leakage. And if these places remain unchecked then they can further respond malleable if touched.

Wet flooring can easily be noticed. The corners of a house can create more problems if they remain unattended for a longer time.

  1. Out-dated water supply system

The out-dated water supply system can play a major role in residential water leakage. No matter there are quality pipes but the connections and faucets can create problems. That is why it is advisable to conduct an inspection water supply system yearly and to cut off the water supply when you are out for a longer time.

  1. High utility bill

The sudden changes in the utility bill can be a sign of water leakage. It’s difficult to find a problem in a big house. But you should make sure that you check the visible pipes and faucets of your house.

But finding the hidden leakage and solving leakage problems permanently you should contact a professional water damage restoration company. Titan Restoration is certified carpet water damage Melbourne Company that provides quick and reliable services.