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Amazing Tips to Protect Carpet from Wear and Tear

Carpets are the versatile things that are used in almost every residential and commercial places but carpet might need extra cleaning and care with the changing season. Taking the time to clean your carpet on a regular basis will assist to prevent unsightly carpet stains and uncomfortable carpet odours. If you notice the look and smell of dirty carpets, always clean the carpet immediately to remove the stain properly. There are various carpet cleaning tactics that you can implement to keep your carpet clean, smelling fresh, and stain-free. Continue reading the blog to know about the amazing carpet water damage Melbourne tips to protect it from wear and tear!

  1. Clean the carpet regularly 

Even after putting certain efforts for carpet cleaning, accidents can still happen. If drinks spill or food drips on the carpet, vacuum the affected area completely upside down. If dirt remains, you can scrub the carpet with carpet cleaner followed by deep cleaning to restore the fibres. Carpet cleaners effectively target pollen, dust, and dirt that wears down your carpet to make it look dirty. 

  1. Use Carpet Coating 

Some carpet manufacturers offer their customers coating products that help carpets withstand wear. The coating is important because it makes the carpet last longer. However, it is important to understand that this layer does not protect the carpet from all harmful factors and needs to be reapplied on a regular basis. 

  1. Do not pull heavy and sharp objects throughout the carpet 

Dragging heavy objects on the carpet, especially when moving can be risky. Carpets are prone to get damage quickly even if we stay careful. When moving furniture or adding new items around the house, it is recommended to use a canvas tarpaulin or cloth cover to protect the rugs when moving heavy items. 

  1. Replace the air conditioner and stove filter regularly 

Air conditioner and stove filter also plays a crucial role to maintain clean home. Because AC filters and ducts gets dirty after certain time which result in foggy smell and dusty room. By replacing the filter, you can prevent the carpet from wearing and tearing. Most carpet specialists recommend replacing the oven and air conditioner after a few months. However, if you have pets or smoke, you will need to replace them every two months. 

  1. Place the coaster under the furniture 

Heavy furniture can cause the carpet to crack and wear. It grinds carpet fibres, flattens them and leaves irreversible damage. If your carpet or furniture is new, it may not seem like a big deal. However, if you want to rearrange the furniture, you will find unsightly stains on your favourite carpet. You can prevent this threat by using a coaster. 

  1. Use carpets in busy areas 

Obviously, carpets are placed in high-traffic areas hence, it is important to choose durable carpet that can withstand rapid wear.

If you have a pet, make sure to train the pet properly. Regular maintenance of the rug is the ultimate way to keep the rug fresh and fresh. In this way, your space feels more comfortable and adds to its feel, design and look. Consult total flood damage Melbourne for the ultimate water restoration service. Call us today for any carpet water damage Melbourne issues.