Wet Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne

Busting! Wet Carpet Cleaning 5 Myths You Might Still Believe

Most people think that the best way to clean your wet carpet is by hiring wet carpet cleaning in Melbourne or simply remove all of the wet pads underneath them and then wait for them to dry on their own. While this belief holds some truth, it also has several myths that make most people think they have no option but to wait for their carpets to dry before they can use them again. In reality, there are other options that might be better suited for your needs!

Myth #1. All carpet cleaners use the same equipment

The first myth is that all carpet cleaners use the same equipment. The truth is that professional carpet cleaners, DIYers, rental companies, and even military personnel use a wide range of tools and techniques.

The best way to learn about these different approaches is to ask for references from friends who have used a service before or search online for reviews on companies in your area.

Myth #2. The carpet will dry by itself

It’s nearly impossible for your carpet to dry by itself due to the lack of airflow and the density of the fibres. The moister that is left over after a cleaning process will cause mould and mildew growth, causing a bad odour in your home. Your carpets may also be damaged by the water used during the process.

Myth #3. You have to remove the wet pad underneath your carpet

You may believe that you need to remove the wet pad underneath your carpet before vacuuming. This is not true. You will not be able to remove all the dirt and grime in your carpet if you do this because when you vacuum, it goes through the wet pad into an area where all of it will be trapped under an even thicker layer of moisture-retaining fibres.

Instead, take off any mats or pads from around your doorways and other places where there might be a higher concentration of water—such as entrances from outside (e.g., garage) areas—and lay them out on a dry patch of flooring overnight so they can dry fully before putting them back where they belong. The next day when everything is dry again, simply place them back into position over top of the clean areas and continue with regular use as usual!

Myth #4. You have to lift the carpet and ‘float’ it using blowers

While it might be tempting to remove your carpets and float them, this will actually take longer for them to dry. If you don’t have the time and are so inclined, replacing the pad after the carpet dries will make it easier to clean in the future. Just make sure that they’re laid out on a flat surface like concrete or a bed of sawdust so they don’t curl up while air-drying.

Myth #5. You don’t need to hire professionals to discard wet carpet.

When you’re done cleaning the carpet, you will need to dry and dispose of it properly. This is where hiring professionals wet carpet cleaning in Melbourne comes in handy. They have the equipment and expertise necessary to do this step correctly. If you try to do it yourself, there’s a chance your home may become infested with mould or mildew as well as other problems that could arise from improperly drying wet carpets.


The carpet cleaning process can be a bit intimidating for some, but there are many myths about how to clean it that you should not believe. If you want to get your carpets cleaned by professionals, contact Total Flood Damage Melbourne today!