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Expert Carpet Drying Methods After Water-logging

When your home is affected by water damage and you have no idea what important steps need to be taken, then it can really hurt you.  A flood in your home is never easy to handle, especially when it is damaged by water. The first thing that comes to mind is carpet damage. So, whether it’s from your terminal or a professional cleaner, you should take immediate steps to reduce water damage in carpet water damage Melbourne. If your valuables are not dried within 24 to 48 hours, the remaining moisture can cause mould to grow.

After a flood in your home, there are a few things to remember to protect yourself and your family. Begin by turning off the power. Turn off circuit breakers and plug-in devices. If you believe your home is in danger of flooding, evacuate the flooded area until authorities arrive and believe it is safe to return. When entering the property, it is best to wear gloves, waterproof boots, and a mask. You can start by salvaging your most valuable items, like your files or even electronics.

 Reducing flood damage is crucial, even preventing small things can help you to save a lot in water damage and restoring other things.

  1. Move all furniture to different parts of the room (dry) to avoid further absorption damage.
  2. Find out the water source to determine if it contains sewage. If not, you are in luck! Remove every drop of standing water down to its last molecule and vacuum the carpet. If you think this is too difficult for you, contact a professional water-stained carpet cleaning service.
  3. Recommends that you choose a certified cleaner because they have the necessary equipment and the knowledge and experience to do the job the right way. Without any prior knowledge, you may do more harm than good!
  4. Before the cleaner arrives, it’s time to wet your hands. Use a rag to remove as much water as possible, and turn on the fan/dehumidifier for maximum drying effect.
  5. The last step is disinfecting all exposed surfaces after cleaning them with detergent (considering the covid19 situation). You will never be too sure these days!

Water logging has devastating effects on homeowners and renters. It can damage a large part of your property, but it can also cause you to move from one house to another; therefore, it will be a serious blow to your current lifestyle. Cleaning water-stained carpets are just the beginning. Many tasks need to be completed, such as checking electrical wiring, gas pipes, garage floor mats, attic carpets, etc. So, before your life is turned upside down, make sure you take these tips seriously.


In some areas, there may be some mould growth in the hidden areas, pay close attention to every hidden place! Another aspect to investigate is the degree of leakage. If the drain overflows, check to see if it is blocked. Contact the water damage experts as soon as possible, hire total flood damage Melbourne for the immediate water damage restoration services. We specialise in treating mould and carpet water damage Melbourne that are the main cause of the water damage.