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Few myths about Wet Carpet Cleaning that you Should be Aware of

If you spill fresh drinks on the carpet. How do you deal with it? How do you get rid of these stains from your carpet? Or maybe the water ruined the rug. The water heater bursts, the toilet leaks, and the child always keeps the faucet on. 

What are the options for wet carpet drying in Melbourne? Relax and don’t worry anymore because the good news is that cleaning rugs and drying wet carpets doesn’t seem to be a difficult task anymore. Once you know what to do, you will be amazed at how quickly you can get rid of this mess. 

 There are some everyday things you need to know about moisture and carpet first. The rug we usually have at home is protected by a pad underneath, and the place can measure anywhere from a quarter-inch to an inch. The mat helps to provide a pillow and makes your rug feel soft and comfortable when you walk on it. 

However, commercial carpets installed in stores and offices do not have a lining. The primary function of the carpet underlay is to absorb water like a sponge. The only problem with the pad is that it’s like a sponge and can compress its load many times underwater. As said, the place is there to cushion your feet, so it’s naturally spongy and absorbs water like a cleaning sponge.

  •  Some myths about wet cleaning of carpets are: 
  1. Wet carpet drying Melbourne can dry naturally, and this is correct. Carpets dry naturally, but they can produce foul odours and bacteria. 

 If the carpet is dry, will the pad also dry? No, the underlay absorbs a lot of moisture as a carpet and prevents the carpet above it from draining, so it isn’t peculiar. This means that when the floor covering is dry, the pads are not. 

  1. Wet pads need to be removed from the carpet: It is assumed that even with a high-end suction machine, water cannot be removed from the wet places. Many water extractors are needed to remove water from the pad. 
  1. It is impossible to dry the wet pad, and no, you can dry the damp place without hanging the carpet. 
  1. Drying a very wet carpet will eliminate the smell of the mouldy carpet. Drying the rug quickly and adequately will eliminate the odour. However, unless the rug and the pad dry soon, they should have a protracted, mouldy smell. 

If you spill more than a few gallons of water on your carpet, contact a professional flood company for wet carpet drying in Melbourne if you can afford it or have insurance. The problem with leaning on top is that if the carpet and walls don’t dry quickly, you can face mould, which is much more expensive to repair than drying the rug. 

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