Wet Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne

How To Prevent the Mould Growth on Carpets After Water Damage?

Got the carpet wet due to a water mishap in the house? Well, that could end up with having the mould infestation on the carpet not treated properly and on time. Carpet is among the delicate processions in the house that has to face the worst when it comes to water damage. In worst cases, one has to lose the carpet as they cannot get rid o the mould growth stains. This is why wet carpet cleaning in Melbourne is essential.

Here is how you can protect the carpet after the water damage from mould growth.

  • Getting The Water Damaged Carpet Cleaning Done by Professionals

Getting rid of the water and drying the caret as soon as you can is the immediate carpet rescue plan that you can work on. This will not let the pathogens present in the carpet leave an odour, reduce the chances of extreme water damage to the carpet and most importantly keeps it restorable.

One wise thing to do is get the carpet steam cleaned by the professionals to ensure the hygiene and cleanliness of the carpet to the depth. They will inspect the carpet and find every possible area or issues that need to be addressed. They have the right tools and experts who will provide reliable service.

  • Installing Dehumidifiers at Home

The sole reason for mould growth is moisture or relative humidity. When you cut off the source of their spread or growth that is moisture that won’t appear ever. So, make sure that after your house has faced water damage, have dehumidifiers at home so that the humidity and moisture can be controlled.

  • Sanitizing The Water Damaged Area

Water can have a contaminant that is not good for your health. So, for safety concerns make sure that you sanitize the entire water affected area including the carpet. you can also request your carpet steam cleaning service provider to ensure proper sanitization of the carpet.

  • Check For Any Possible Water in The Furniture

One need to check for all of your procession including the furniture for any water damage. Missing out on this will affect your furniture or processions. This moisture will make them susceptible to mould growth which is exactly what we are trying to avoid.

  • Have The Area Inspected

You may not know about detecting the parts of the house that still has hidden moisture. This may cause mould growth soon and when the time you detect it the damage is already done, instead you have the house inspected to eliminate each possibility of mould growth.


Taking care of all these aspects will help you to tackle all the possible ways which could have ended into mould growth in the house and not just the carpet. It will indeed make the carpet way far from getting any mould or mildew. The major benefit procured out of this is keeping your loved one and yourself away from the respiratory diseases and infection caused by the mould spores.