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How to salvage the Carpet from the flood water damage?

When considering saving those beautiful but wet carpets from the water damage. There are a lot of criteria to be taken into consideration. Water is a solvent, meaning anything could be dissolved in the water easily. So it is important to make sure that it is worth saving the carpet by checking the quality of water that damaged the carpet. As if the water is badly contaminated then it can also cause hazardous infection. After confirming the water quality, there are two options here: either you clean it with some DIY solution or get it cleaned by wet carpet cleaning in Melbourne professionals.

We understood here that the quality of water should be good but what type of floodwater has good quality? This could be easily recognized by knowing the source of the water here is how.

  • Water that flooded the home is from broken pipes or rainwater.
  • Water from appliances like dishwasher, toilet overflows, washing machine etc.
  • Water from an outside source like sewage, river floods, seawater flood etc.

If the carpet is soaked in clean water like that from the first point then there is no risk in saving the carpet. But in the latter two cases, there is a high chance that the carpet may contain bacteria or virus that could cause diseases.

The next question is how to dry the carpet that has been soaked in the water for a day or maybe a couple of days?

  • There are a lot of things involved when restoring the carpet like it was before getting wet. Drying, shampooing, vacuuming, treating it to get the bad odour out of it, disinfecting and more.
  • If you are doing it yourself, you have to go through a tiring and repetitive process of cleaning the carpet and then making sure that it is disinfected, using baking soda to remove the odour and more. Wall-to-wall carpet could be a huge task. Instead, what one can do is leave the whole stress on the experts in carpet restoration from water damage. They have the experience, skill, appliances and techniques to restore the carpet more effectively than you would have done.

The hard truth here is the cleaning and drying the carpet by oneself could leave room for error. Not properly disinfected and sanitized carpet can cause diseases. Not drying the carpet enough could make the condition favourable for mould growth. Mould growth means displeasing odours, diseases and allergies. In cases of damage from the contaminated water you have to replace the carpet however valuable it may be to you.

Bottom Line

Is restoring the carpet enough? What about the home? What about other water damage? Would you be able to tackle this huge task by yourself? It is recommended to take the help of professionals at flood or wet carpet cleaning in Melbourne services. They not only take care of those carpets but also the space that is damaged but the water. Also, make sure you have the backup of insurance for the flood damage cleaning.