Carpet Water Damage Melbourne

Replace your carpet if you notice these signs

Natural disasters always strike at an unexpected time and if it is a serious one then, it can cause serious damages to the home infrastructure and many other residential damages. Especially natural hazards like floods, cyclones, and storms are more likely to cause damage in all way that is financially, emotionally, and mentally. But there is no option; you have to restore your home condition back to normal by spending few bucks. It might take one to two weeks to get everything back to normal even if you hire flood restoration service because structural damage takes time to heal. If your location recently strikes by a flood then you might need several repairs and replacements especially you will need to repair the carpet of your living room but if your carpet is wet for more than 72 hours then it’s better not to waste money on carpet cleaning and get your old carpet replaced. You can consult the reputed carpet water damage Melbourne service to get advice on whether the carpet can be restored or need to replace.

Check for these signs to be sure whether your carpet needs to be replaced:

1) Matting:

Matting is the first sign of carpet damage that cant be renewed. If you have polyester fibre carpets then the fibres are more likely to pull down because of excess flood water and if your carpet is wet for longer than 72 hours then it starts matting and no carpet cleaning company can renew it in the previous condition.

2) Stains:

If your carpet has oil, dye, or other stains that you have been hiding through furniture and décor items then it’s time to get the new carpet.  The stains can stick into other items of the home while moving the objects or when you walk on them.

3) Bad- odour:

If you notice a bad unpleasant smell from the carpet after it has been cleaned then it could be because of residue or bad water is left in it. The foul bad smell can be the sign of mold and bacteria growth that can affect your health so, it is better to replace the carpet rather than investing in a cleaning service again.

4) Respiratory problems:

The dirty carpet is likely to produce mycotoxins and other bacteria that make the air inside the house unfresh and can cause various respiratory issues. The germs and bacteria can travel by air inside the house and lead to breathing problems, asthma, and many more.

5) Skin problems and infections

Bad carpet causes various skin irritations and skin issues because floodwater is likely to be contaminated and loaded with many germs and bacteria. The flooded carpet can cause redness, itchiness, and many other fungal infections.

6) Gastrointestinal infections:

Small kids and pets are likely to pick the things from the dirty floor and eat the things. The germs might get into the stomach and cause gastrointestinal infections and severe health issues.

Conclusion: carpet needs replacing after every 5 to 15 years depending upon the quality, but if your carpet is newly purchased and not much old, you can restore it by effective carpet water damage Melbourne service, consult the total flood damage Melbourne to get the best flood restoration service and effective consultation.