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Should the Carpet be Replaced After Water Damage? Maybe Not!

Even after it has become wet, your carpet can still be saved. Making sure your damp carpet completely dries within a window of 48 hours is the key to salvaging it. Your carpet may become mould-prone and unsalvageable if it is left wet for any longer.

After your carpet gets wet, it’s crucial to call a carpet water damage specialist to see if it can be saved. Your carpet’s ability to be saved or whether it needs to be removed can be decided by a water restoration and cleaning company. 

The good news is that water-damaged carpets can occasionally be saved. What kind of water seeps into your floor, how much there was, and when it happened all rely on these factors.

Find out if the damp carpet needs to be replaced by reading on.

Act Quickly and Safely to Stop the Flow

You should first turn off the water source and don’t use a vacuum until you’ve removed as much water as possible. If it’s not safe to turn off the water, use a wet/dry vacuum to remove as much moisture as possible before proceeding with the cleanup.

Hire a professional carpet water damage Melbourne to assist you in cleaning your carpet thoroughly after it has been contaminated by water. A business that specialises in water damage restoration can also reinstall your carpet after replacing the padding and applying an antibacterial treatment.

Identifying the Source

If there is still water flowing, shut off the main water supply. If you can’t shut off the main water source, call a professional to do so in order to prevent further damage from occurring.

If you have already stopped the flow of water and are looking for signs of leaks in your home, check for signs on walls or under your house. You may see small puddles or areas where there are discolourations on your flooring or wallpaper that indicate a leak.

Assessing Carpet Damage

Check for mould and mildew. After flooding, many carpets will begin to grow mould within 24 hours. Mould spores are microscopic and invisible to the naked eye, so you’ll need a blacklight or UV flashlight to detect them.

Check for stains that won’t come out with cleaning agents like Lysol or bleach spray cleaners; this could mean an underlying problem with the fibres themselves (such as bacteria growth) rather than just discolouration caused by spills over time under normal circumstances–which might require replacing your rug instead of just having it cleaned off again like usual!

Smell anything unusual? A strong odour coming from either one place on your carpeting indicates something rotten underneath those fibres–so if there are no visible signs of damage yet, but it still smells bad when walking across the carpet, it might be time for an inspection! 

How to Clean a Water-Damaged Carpet?

If you’ve already suffered water damage, there are several ways to clean a carpet. The first step is always to remove the excess water from your damaged carpet as quickly as possible. 

You can use a wet vacuum to do this—if you don’t mind sacrificing some of the moisture that’s in the fibres of your carpet (which is fine if you’re going to replace it anyway).

However, if you’d prefer to be as thorough as possible, you’ll want to use professional services with trained technicians who will bring their own equipment for maximum efficiency!

You Don’t Need to Do it Alone.

If you think your carpet may have been affected by water damage, the first thing to do is call a professional for advice.

A professional can tell whether your carpet was damaged by water and whether it can be repaired or replaced.

It’s also a good idea to hire an expert because they understand how carpets are made and how they function—and there are risks that come with trying to clean them yourself (some of which could even put your health at risk). 

You might think, “I’m just going to have them dry-cleaned”, but what if that doesn’t work? What then?

You don’t want to take a chance on your carpet, so it’s best to call in a Total Flood Damage Melbourne. They will be able to assess the damage and let you know if it can be repaired or if it should be replaced.


As you can see, carpet water damage Melbourne is not always a lost cause. Give Total Flood Damage Melbourne a call right away for emergency water damage restoration and repair services; we are available 24/7!