Carpet Drying Services: Why You Should Always Choose the Professionals?

Water damage is a serious issue. If not treated quickly and properly, it can lead to long-term damage and even health problems. One of the most common ways water damage occurs is through wet carpets. If your carpets have been wet for more than 24 hours, you should call in a professional carpet drying service. This article will explain why it’s so important to choose professionals for wet carpet drying Melbourne and how they can help.

Carpet drying services: what are they?

Carpet drying services are a necessary part of restoring a water-damaged home. When carpets are wet, they can become a breeding ground for mould and bacteria. This is dangerous for your family’s health; it can also damage the carpets, causing them to rot and mildew. That’s why it’s essential to call in the professionals as soon as possible to begin the drying process. The team at our company are experts in water damage restoration and know how to get your home back to normal quickly and safely.

Do you need carpet drying services?

So, do you need to call in the professionals for carpet drying? The answer is a resounding yes! Here are just a few of the many reasons why professional carpet drying services are always the best option:

-Carpet drying services provide a quicker, more thorough drying process than doing it yourself.

-The professionals have the proper equipment and know-how to use it correctly to avoid any damage to your carpets.

-They also have years of experience dealing with all kinds of water damage and know how to effectively dry carpets without causing any further damage.

Wet Carpet Drying Melbourne

How much do carpet drying services cost?

The cost of carpet drying services will depend on a number of factors, including the size of the area that needs to be dried, the extent of the damage, and the length of time required to complete the job. In most cases, it’s best to leave this task to the professionals, as they have the experience and equipment necessary to get the job done quickly and efficiently. 

Plus, they can guarantee that your carpets will be completely dry and ready to use once they’re finished. So if you’re dealing with a wet carpet, don’t wait—call in the experts!

How long does it take for the professionals to dry my carpets?

So, how long will it take for the professionals to dry my carpets? The answer is: it depends. Every situation is different, and the team will need to take a look at the specific situation in order to provide an accurate estimate. Generally speaking, though, most carpets can be dried within just a few hours. 

It’s important to choose a reputable wet carpet drying Melbourne company with experience in carpet drying—the last thing you want is for your carpets to take weeks (or months) to dry properly. Choose wisely and let the professionals take care of it!

Are there any benefits of using professional carpet drying services?

Yes, there are many benefits of using professional carpet drying services. One of the most important is that it can help save your carpets from further damage. If you try to dry them yourself, you might end up making the problem worse. Professionals have the equipment and experience to dry your carpets quickly and efficiently, which minimizes the chances of mildew or mould growth. They can also help you identify any areas that might be more damaged and need additional attention.


Carpet drying services are an essential part of restoring your carpets after a water damage event. Using professional wet carpet drying Melbourne services will ensure that your carpets are dried quickly and properly, preventing any long-term damage or permanent stains. Total Flood Damage is fully equipped to manage any type of flood or water damage. For emergency call outs in Melbourne, we are available around the clock.

Got Wet Carpet? Here’s How to Dry It Fast (Without Breaking the Bank)

Water damage can be a real headache, especially when it comes to your carpets. Not only is it a huge inconvenience, but it can also be expensive to repair. If you’ve ever had to deal with wet carpets, you know that the fastest way to dry them is with a professional dryer. But hiring a professional can be expensive, especially if you need them to come out more than once. So what’s the best way to dry wet carpet on a budget? Find out here. 

Why you shouldn’t leave wet carpet?

Leaving wet carpet to dry on its own is the worst thing you can do. Not only will it take forever to dry (if it dries at all), but you also run the risk of developing mould and mildew. Mould and mildew are not only Gross, but they can also cause serious health problems. If you’ve got wet carpet, don’t panic! Just follow these simple tips to dry it fast and avoid any nasty side effects.

How to dry wet carpet quickly?

If your home has suffered water damage from a flood or burst pipe, you will need to dry the carpet quickly to prevent further damage. Here are four tips for drying wet carpet quickly:

  1. Remove as much water as possible. Use a wet vacuum, towels or a mop to soak up as much water as you can.
  2. Place fans around the wet area and turn them on high. The fans will help circulate the air and speed up the drying process.
  3. Raise the humidity in the room. This will help the carpet fibres re-absorb moisture and shorten the drying time.
  4. Apply a dehumidifier to the room. A dehumidifier will extract moisture from the air, speeding up the drying process.

What Are The dangers of using a hairdryer to dry wet carpet?

You might be tempted to turn on the hairdryer and take care of the water damage yourself, but this is a big mistake. Not only will you dry the carpet too quickly, but you’ll also likely damage the fibres, leading to even more problems down the road. The heat from a hairdryer can also cause the glue that holds the carpet fibres together to melt, quickly ruining your carpet. When it comes to wet carpet drying Melbourne wide, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. They have the equipment and expertise to get the job done quickly and safely, so you can rest assured that your carpet will be back to normal in no time.

How to prevent wet carpets in the future?

If you’ve ever had the unfortunate experience of dealing with a wet carpet, it’s not a fun process. Not only is it inconvenient, but it can also be expensive if you have to call in a professional to help with the drying. Here are a few tips to help prevent wet carpet in the future:

  1. Keep an eye on your pets and make sure they don’t pee or poop on the carpet.
  2. Clean up any spills as soon as possible.
  3. Use a doormat to help keep moisture from entering your home.
  4. Invest in a good quality carpet pad to absorb moisture and protect your flooring.
  5. If you do get water on the carpet, don’t hesitate to call a professional for help.


While wet carpet might not seem like a big deal, it can actually cause serious damage to your flooring and furniture if it’s not dried quickly. Not to mention, it can lead to the growth of harmful mould and bacteria. In this post, we’ll walk you through the best way to dry wet carpet – without spending a fortune on professional wet carpet drying Melbourne services.

Wet Carpet Drying: The Future of Commercial Cleaning

Are they struggling to find solutions for wet carpet drying in Melbourne and the damage they do? Find this article, which discusses the increasing need for damp carpet drying systems in commercial properties.

What is Wet Carpet Drying?

Wet Carpet Drying is a cleaning and fuelling system that renews the traction level of wet carpets. This uses waste fuel to heat layers below the floor’s surface, drying quickly through vaporization. A common alternative to this is using traditional heaters to dry floors with high-moisture content, which can harm the atmosphere. 

Wet carpet drying Melbourne also emits less carbon monoxide for safer conditions for employees and customers who visit commercial structures. The result is revitalized floors with deep absorption and exceptional protection from future water damage—warm-up temperature. The temperature for operating wet carpet drying should not be too low, as the heat may penetrate beyond the vapour layer and dry the floor by contact.

Environmental Impact of Dry Pipe Cleaning

Water damage in commercial space will often have damaging effects on the environment. It’s challenging to get rid of water and its contaminants which causes air conditioning failures, rotational temperature alterations, increasing pests, and common usable spaces. Clogging up dry pipe cleaning systems with excess water creates a recycling process where it’s also possible to trap dirt, sand and debris in the pipes that are no longer being used by vacuum cleaners specifically designed for wet lines. These excess contents may then harm the indoor air quality and be harmful if contractors attempt to clean up with household cleaners and chemicals.

It’s also the best way to avoid water waste, creating cleaner air and simultaneously keeping warm water heat beyond the dry season. Additionally, extra energy can be spent to heat water during the retrofitting, which causes mounting costs during hot summer months. 

Install a freeze pipe system with a dry-pipe vacuum instead. The most frequent use for the dry pipe vacuum’s standby mode is to check the airflow in and coming out of your fixtures. However, the built-in temperature filament wire will sweep plenty of dust and debris from the junction box and solder joints, improving your airflow making it more efficient. Your main water supply line accumulates the warm part at the deep end of the house.

By bypassing the first part of the water tank, water does not have to flow through it, and thus an abrupt change of temperature occurs. Sometimes this condition occurs in temporary water tanks that are not traditional. Some may have an effectively relaxed downtime before reaching their electrolytic panel feed. But if this is the case, your main water line should be next to an old-fashioned water tank. 


As times have changed and commercial cleaning products have become more effective, traditional methods like carefully jetting incoming water onto dry carpet have replaced machines using high-powered air jets. Wet carpet drying Melbourne services allow wet carpets and upholstery to be machine-washed and dried before coming out looking better than ever before. Total Flood Damage Melbourne specializes in water and flood damage restoration. Our specialized restoration staff has been trained and certified to deal with flood crises.

Wet Carpet Cleaning Myths That You Must Know

When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, there are infinite myths, some are true and some may be false. A wet carpet has the special property to dry on its own. The carpet will dry on its own, which is totally true. However, by the time it dries up on its own, there’s a risk it’ll have a nasty odour or bacteria on it. Carpets must be cleaned on a regular basis, whether they are in a domestic or business setting. Wet carpet drying Melbourne provides the greatest clean as It furnishes the carpet to the nth degree.

Keep on reading the blog to know about various myths related to wet carpet cleaning!

  1. Wet carpet should be discarded

The quality of the water utilised for the purpose is the most important factor to consider while making such a selection. Carpet treated with black water or water falling into category III, such as sewage or toilet water, must be removed according to industry-standard IICRC S500. This is most likely owing to a paucity of disinfectants that meet EPA guidelines.

If the water is from category II, such as greywater from your washing machine or shower, you’ll need to discard the pad. The carpet can be cleaned and kept. If your item has been ruined by water in category I, which is clean water like the one in your bathroom, and it has been on the carpet for less than 48 hours,

  1. Carpet cleaning can make the carpet and its pad dry

No, they can’t usually do that. It can only be done by firms who use deep extraction equipment, which is specifically intended to remove water from the carpet’s pad. The standard cleaning procedure will not be able to effectively remove the water from the carpet.

  1. Carpet odour can be only removed by professional cleaning

Well, that is generally true, as the majority of household machines and chemicals are ineffective. Companies that offer to clean your carpet use sophisticated machines that you do not have access to.

Except for a minor stench from your carpet, you’ll also need to use devices that can generate high pressure and suction. Such equipment can only be operated by a cleaning company’s professional employee. There are a variety of reasons for odour, and each one demands unique treatment. That takes a lot of practice and education.

  1. Flooded carpet doesn’t cause a rotten smell

That is often true in the case of carpets that are dried fast and properly. In most circumstances, an object that has been cleaned thoroughly and thoroughly will smell far less.

It’s very likely that the carpet with pad will have a lingering musty odour if it wasn’t dried quickly and properly.

  1. A truck mount carpet extractor is required to clean and dry correctly

If you have a considerable amount of water spilled on your carpet, you need to hire a professional carpet cleaning firm to obtain a properly dry house, especially if you have it insured. You already know that if your carpet and house do not dry quickly, mould will form quickly.


Hope by reading the above information, your misconception might get resolved, if you need any water restoration and damage repair service, always consult the expert wet carpet drying Melbourne company.

What are The Myths About Wet Carpet Drying in Melbourne?

Your carpets have been ruined by water. Perhaps you had a toilet leak, or your water heater had burst, or your child had left the sink faucet running for hours.

What should you do to dry your wet carpet so that your carpet and pad are not damaged? To begin, let’s dispel some common misconceptions regarding wet carpets and how to dry wet carpets.

Myths about wet carpet drying in Melbourne

Myth #1:The carpet will dry entirely on its own.

This is correct, just as it is correct that you can win the lotto with just one ticket. Yes, the carpet will dry on its own eventually. Will it, however, smell horrible or have mould on it by the time it dries? What other damage will the carpet sustain while it dries on its own?

Unless you live in Arizona or the desert, where the temperature is high, and the humidity is low, there is a very slim possibility that the carpet and pad will dry before mould or bacteria begin to cause that musty, damp smell. Wet building materials typically take 72 hours to dry before mould begins to form.

Myth #2: You must remove the damp pad from beneath your carpet.

It’s a common misconception that you can’t get water from a wet pad, even with commercial extraction equipment. The conventional carpet cleaning ‘wand’ seen on the right is what people refer to when they say this. It’s what most people use to clean their carpets. It squirts hot water onto the rug before sucking it back up.

Myth #3: A wet pad cannot be dried under a carpet.

The answer to this myth is the same as it was to the last question. In general, you can dry a damp pad without floating the carpet, although this isn’t always a good idea. For more information, see the answer above.

Myth #4: You must elevate the carpet and use blowers to ‘float’ it.

The answer to this question can be found in the previous question’s response. To recap, if you have deep extraction equipment and know-how to utilise it, you don’t need to float carpet.

Myth #5: Professional carpet cleaning will leave your carpet and pad completely dry.

No. They won’t be able to remove water from the pad unless they employ a deep extraction tool. A standard carpet cleaning wand will not be able to remove enough water from the carpet pad.

Suppose you have more than a few gallons of water spilled on your carpet. As you can see from the above, the issue is that if the carpets and walls aren’t dried quickly enough, you may end up with mould, which is far more costly to treat than simply drying the carpets. In that case, you should hire a professional water damage restoration business to dry your property thoroughly if you can afford it or if you have insurance.

Total Flood Damage Melbourne has over 10+ years of experience in real-world expertise in wet carpet drying in Melbourne, cleaning carpets and eliminating odours from carpets in various settings. The company is a reputable and dependable organisation that provides prompt and skilled water damage restoration services.

What Are Wet Carpet Drying Myths Debunked By Cleaning Experts? Read This!

Owning a carpet can be very exciting, looks nice, looks amazing under bare feet and keeps you nice and tasty when it gets cold. Water damage can be caused by a variety of events when it comes to the situation – such as if you have a toilet leak, or an explosion pipe, or maybe your children have left a faucet running for hours, it can ruin your living space.

The best way to remove this embedded debris is with professional wet carpet drying Melbourne services offered by Total Flood Damage. Assuming the damage isn’t too bad, professional cleaning and restoration process will make your carpet usable once again, ​but myths and misconceptions are running in some homeowners’ minds. Are you one of them? Well, read the following cleaning myths debunked:

Myth #5: DIY carpet cleaning is easy and fun as well.

These days, DIY projects are all furious with the idea of ​​getting their hands dirty. However, some tasks are best left to professionals. Professional experts will understand the challenges to handle integrity and care when it comes to more serious carpet cleaning—especially if you have small children and pets in the house.

Myth #4: Cleaning Can Ruin It.

Professionally cleaned carpets don’t last as long; it’s not enough. The fact is having a best to have professionals cleaning will eliminate dirt build-up, which is always unnoticeable “Good services don’t come cheap”.

Myth #3: Owned dry a flooded carpet, you will not get a moldy, damp smell.

When carpet and pad are not dried quickly and properly, you will probably have a problem with lingering musky smells and mold. So, with wet carpet drying Melbourne professionally service, there will be no smell.

Myth #2: No need to hire a professional cleaner if you own a cleaning machine.

Having carpet cleaning machines work the best for routine purposes, but they can’t replace the professional. These machines are often cumbersome and difficult to use without proper training. Professional cleaners are trained to handle the carpets depending on their size, use modern techniques and methods that are much better for your carpets.

Myth #1: Wet carpets should be discarded.

When faced with flood damage, many homeowners assume that the carpet will need to be discarded. However, the truth is that your carpet can be defended. Therefore, it is beneficial to clean your carpet professionally to help improve and maintain the look. Many misconceptions must be busted, and you will have a consistently clean carpet that will maintain its appearance.


Carpet is a very essential part of giving you comfort and improving beauty. Damage can occur for many reasons, but the problem is that many homeowners are surrounded by many myths. This is because many homeowners do not pay proper attention to treatment and cleaning professionally.  So, it’s essential to hire wet carpet drying Melbourne specialists for dealing with tasks using their advanced equipment and techniques. Call at Total Flood Damage and plan action to restore your carpet quickly.

Know Why Stain and Water-Resistant Carpets Are Better Options

Are you tired of maintaining the carpet regularly and continuously worrying over the spills and stains? The majorities of people buy carpets and rugs by their attractive looks and then struggle with maintenance. Especially if your house is a high-traffic area that is full of guests, kids, and pets, then it is more likely to get the stain and spills regularly. It’s not affordable to regularly clean the carpet. You might have heard about the stain-proof and waterproof carpets. There are many carpet production companies that manufacture stain and waterproof carpets. Though stain and water-proof carpets too need proper care and maintenance but they can reduce the stress of cleaning spills and stains. Consult the trusted wet carpet drying Melbourne Company in case your house strikes with the flood.

Reasons for switching to stain and waterproof carpet today:

1)      Stain and waterproof carpets are easy to clean because they are made up of high-grade fiber with a nylon coating to offer anti-staining properties. They can be easily clean by wiping the spills or stains with wipes or cloth.

2)      Stain and waterproof carpets are pet-friendly and prevent pet accidents, unlike other carpets. It can save you from other cleaning expenses like steam cleaning and other carpet services. Pet’s urine and other dirt can easily clean because it does not allow liquid and dirt on the surface as it has the nylon special coating on it.

3)    They are durable and last for longer years because stain and waterproof carpets use nylon in manufacturing that is effective stain and soil repellent so, it doesn’t allow sitting the soil on the carpet surface.

4)      It is cost-effective as compared to the other carpets. If you see the overall cost, it is reliable and requires less cleaning and maintenance. It ultimately saves time for working women and safer for the pets who love running in the home. Waterproof carpet means, it does not allow water to absorb inside the carpet hence water or any spills can b easily wiped using a mop and has easy drying properties.

Bottom line: Apart from the stain and waterproof carpet, there are also other options that you can try like carpet padding and other flooring options. Many companies manufacture customized carpets based on the client’s requirements like fibre requirements, colour, and other things. Consider your environmental factors where you live before purchasing the carpet because of the location where you live matters. Also, consider for which house area you are buying carpet. If it’s for the living room, kitchen, or bathroom that is usually a high-traffic area. Choose the waterproof carpet.  At total flood damage Melbourne, we specialize in professional cleaning services and flood restorations. Consult us if you are looking for any carpet solutions or wet carpet drying Melbourne service, we will be glad to help you anytime.

Hope you found above information useful and knowledgeable, share your thoughts and experience in the comment box if you have used any stain or water-proof carpet.

Important Questions to ask the flood restoration company

have the flood or storm struck your place?  Dealing with the natural hazards can make emotionally low and down because there are many thoughts wandering inside mind about the expense to restore the house into the normal condition. Obviously, you will need a flood restoration service to get everything clean and disinfectant but it would be great if you are already prepared with the essential questions and doubts before you hire any flood restoration service. It might be possible that some things can be fixed by yourself if the damage is minor or moderate. It’s better to ask the flood cleaning company whether they offer wet carpet drying Melbourne service and other Customization for the service so, you only pay for the service you need rather than jumping into the entire flood restoration package.

1) Are you available 24*7?

A disaster always occurs unexpectedly without any signs. Ask the company you hire whether it is available 24* 7 for emergency service. Here at total flood damage Melbourne, we are available round the clock, call us anytime for any kind of emergency flood restoration services.

2) Is your company licensed or bonded?

Ask whether your company is licensed and liable if any accident occurs during the restoration process. The reputed company offers all the facilities and handles security professionally. You can get compensation value if anything goes wrong during the work.

3) Do they have a local office nearby your location?

For security, this question must be asked because you can’t hire any random company you don’t have worked with before. Verify if they have a physical office nearby your place.

4) Can you provide me reviews and past client details?

Checking genuine reviews and feedback will give you peace of mind and satisfaction that you are going with the right choice. If the company is genuine, they will don’t mind providing honest clients details.

5) What does your restoration service includes?

Know what their service includes. Some companies might only include drying of the flooded things. Have a clear talk about your house damage and what service you need such as sanitization, plumbing, and other restoration.

6) Is your team certified and experienced?

Experts are trained to handle the work smoothly and efficiently. If your work is carried by experienced, the restoration process gets easier and flexible.

7) Can you deal with my insurance company?

Some restoration processes can be expensive so, ask whether the company you hire can deal with your insurance company. The insurance company can help in reducing costs up to great extent. Ask about the service and get the final estimation of the restoration process after the deduction of the insurance amount.

Bottom line: Every restoration process takes time to get back to a normal state whether it is a flood or any other thing. But you can make the flood restoration process efficient and faster by making the right company choice. At total flood damage Melbourne, we deal with all types of cleaning and flood restoration services to make your restoration process quicker and easier. Apart from this, we also expertise in wet carpet drying Melbourne service, connect with us today to know more about our service and offers.

4 Carpet Cleaning Techniques You Need to Know Other Than Steam Cleaning

“Steam cleaning” is a term that most people are familiar with. On the other hand, Skilled carpet cleaners use a range of methods for wet carpet drying Melbourne. You’ll almost certainly never need to use them. However, we at Total Flood Damage will assist you in comprehending your cleaner’s recommendations. You’ll also learn what to expect from each technique reading this blog. We believe well-informed consumers are often happy consumers.

Except for steam cleaning, there are 4 other methods used for carpet cleaning:

  1. Absorbent Compound

Cleaning with the absorbent compound is also known as “dry carpet cleaning.” An absorbent agent is used in dry cleaning to stick to dirt and other substances in your carpet.

The most common method for dispersing absorbent compounds and disrupting dirty fibres is to use a mechanical brush. The compound is allowed to separate dirt from carpet fibres for a while. Then a professional-grade dry vacuum is used to clean it up. This method is perfect for those who need a deep clean but don’t want to deal with wet carpets.

  1. Bonnet Cleaning

Bonnet cleaning, unlike current carpet cleaning techniques, relies mostly on the carpet’s layer. A spinning pad immersed in the cleaning solution is used in “bonnet machines.” They clean the carpet’s surface by polishing it and collecting dirt and grime.

Bonnet cleaning is widespread in hotels and other commercial establishments in need of a makeover. It is one of the fastest professional carpet cleaning techniques to make a noticeable difference in appearance.

  1. Carpet Shampooing

One of the oldest specialist carpet cleaning methods still in use today is carpet shampooing. For a long time, it was the go-to tool for heavy-duty carpet cleaning. Since its inception, the method has progressed only in terms of the technologies used.

Carpet shampooing nowadays entails applying a foaming solution to the carpet and working it in with a brush machine. The “shampoo” and any dirt attached to it are then vacuumed up with a wet vacuum. It will take some time for the carpet to dry. Any residual residue is then vacuumed up with a dry vacuum.

  1. Encapsulation

This method seems to be sophisticated, and it is in several ways. Synthetic foam detergents are worked into the carpet with a brush machine during encapsulation washing. The foam turns into a powder as it cools. It encapsulates soil in the carpet when doing so. The powder is then vacuumed up, along with the soil. Carpet encapsulation is often preferred to carpet shampooing because it leaves no residue, dries faster, and requires less water.

Even so, 

Encapsulation cleaning isn’t always the best option. On highly soiled carpets, most carpet cleaning practitioners do not use encapsulation. It’s just not as effective. Finally, identifying the right approach necessitates both education and practice. Using special and cutting-edge tools for wet carpet drying Melbourne, we will remove water and dirt from your home and fully dry it! Furthermore, we treat your carpets to protect them from the creation of mould and mildew, as well as leaving them fully dry!

5 Measures to Show You How to Dry Wet Carpets After Floods

For any homeowner, dealing with water damage can be a stressful and challenging experience. Water damage can be caused by a variety of events and circumstances, including burst pipes, leaks, and floods. You’re forced to think about how to dry carpet, how to avoid carpet mould and a slew of other issues at this stage. Commercial water damage practitioners like us at Total Flood Damage are well-versed in a tried-and-true technique for wet carpet drying Melbourne and avoiding mould. 

These five measures will show you how to dry a carpet after a leak or flood:

  1. Remove Water

When the water has collected in any part of your house, it is critical to act quickly. After a leak, start drying the carpet as soon as possible and clear any standing water with a wet-dry cleaner. If you want to avoid carpet mould, you’ll need to act quickly.

You can use tools like a carpet-drying fan or a carpet-drying air mover to speed up the process and achieve the fast-drying needed to prevent mould growth. Keep your carpet-drying air mover or carpet-drying fan running 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  1. Dry Out the Room

After water damage, excessive moisture will be present in the room or location, not just the carpet. Using a dehumidifier to extract water from the air around the infected area is an effective way to do so. A dehumidifier would also help to prevent carpet mould and mildew from developing.

  1. Clean and Dry Carpets and Floor

Use an air mover, a carpet-drying fan, and a dehumidifier until the water has been removed. Concentrate your energies on washing and drying your carpets and other damaged property. Water damage also necessitates carpet padding replacement, but the carpet itself can generally be saved with a thorough steam cleaning.

  1. Clean and Sanitise Walls

Scrub the walls and baseboards with soap and water, as well as any other places that the water could have harmed. A thorough cleaning of all surfaces may suffice. Apply around a cup-and-a-half of chlorine bleach to each gallon of water to get sanitising action. Often, make sure you wear rubber gloves to shield yourself from the bleach and grime. 

  1. Look for Water Damaged Furniture

Floodwaters and leaks in your home will wreak havoc on your furniture. You can clean and sanitise any furniture that can be saved and repair any furniture that cannot be restored to a sanitary, functional condition. A dehumidifier mounted near your furniture can also aid with this process by preventing moisture from soaking into the wood and cloth.


These steps can only be proven right as long as you have some knowledge about tackling the situation. When things seem to be going out of hand, we at Total Flood Damage will always be here to have your back. So, when it comes to wet carpet drying Melbourne, look no further because our crew has been stealing the rank for years in cleaning expertise.