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The Five Worst Carpet Water Damage Disasters

Carpet water damage can be expensive to repair, especially if you don’t take the proper precautions before it happens. If you live in an area with hard water, plumbing issues, or are just dealing with old pipes, it’s best to know the five worst carpet water damage Melbourne disasters so you can act fast and get the cleanup finished quickly and efficiently.

The bathtub

If water sits in your bathtub for too long, mould and mildew can take hold. If you’re looking to remove a stain on your shower curtain or tub surround, you might choose to soak it in vinegar overnight. However, when you leave a vinegar-soaked shower curtain alone for days on end—without ventilating it properly—the smell becomes unbearable. The only way to eliminate that smell is to throw out everything from your tub: drain and all.

Basement flooding

A flooded basement is like a ticking time bomb—you never know when disaster will strike. Basements are especially vulnerable during heavy rains and spring thaws, but flooding can also happen in your home’s lowest point if you don’t have an adequate sump pump and drainage system in place. The best way to prevent water damage is to take action before it starts by having regular system checks done by a professional carpet cleaning company. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Mildew from cleaning products

Mildew and mould can be a major problem with carpets. The area is warm, moist, and dark—perfect conditions for unwelcome guests to set up shop. However, if you want to keep your carpet safe from water damage caused by mildew and mould, follow these tips.

Flooding from burst pipes

No one wants to lose important documents, valuables or sentimental items when a flood hits. To make sure you’re prepared for anything, you should have multiple backups of your most valuable files and data. You might even want to keep an extra copy at work or with a family member just in case something happens at home. If you can afford it, consider buying an external hard drive that automatically backs up your computer files on its own (that way you don’t have to remember). This is particularly useful if you use cloud storage—as long as there are no issues with power outages, servers going down etc., then all of your files will be safe and sound!

Steam Cleaner Runaway

It’s natural to be nervous when you first buy a carpet steamer. No one wants to accidentally ruin their rug. But accidents do happen and it’s not hard to get carried away with a steam cleaner, especially if you don’t read up on how much moisture can be absorbed by certain carpets. If you find yourself with a runaway steam cleaner, unplug it and soak up any extra water with towels or paper towels.


Choose a manufacturer with an excellent reputation. Perform research on your carpet manufacturer. Check for any issues of product recalls, and be sure to check for reviews from prior customers who have bought carpeting from that same company. Your local Better Business Bureau may also be able to provide you with some helpful feedback about various carpet manufacturers.

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