Wet Carpet Cleaning

Things To Do to Dry the Carpet After Flood Damage

Carpets surely are to be kept away from a lot of things to reduce the risk of stains, to keep them away from getting odours, getting the carpet damaged and so on. One such thing that all homeowners want to keep their carpets off is moisture, water and humidity. An accidental pipe burst in the home is a nightmare for the carpets. You would need to take up the wet carpet cleaning in Melbourne to rescue them. 

Some carpets that are left unattended for a long time after the flood in the house seem to get damaged so badly that they need to be replaced. That is expensive damage done there. You surely want to save the carpet and get it cleaned and not replaced. 

If so then there is one most important consideration that you need to take when the carpet gets wet after such accidents. It is drying the carpet.

Here are some of the ways that can dry the carpet effectively after emerging in the water.

  • The first and the foremost thing to do when you find the carpet being wet is to get rid of everything that is on that carpet. when trying to dry the carpet with something on it would leave that spot wet and also would affect the fibres of that area. 
  • Doing it would expose the carpet to make airflow allowing it to dry faster. To increase the air circulation, you can increase the ventilation in the room, get the fan switched on and up to full speed. Open the windows, switch on the air conditioning system to increase the evaporation of water from the carpet. 
  • Along with all of it. To get rid of the water lay towels over the carpet. The towels would suck the water from the carpet. squeeze the towel to get rid of all the water that it has absorbed. Repeat this until all the water from the carpet is absorbed by the towels. Make sure that you do not leave the towel for too long to absorb the water. 
  • Another way to get the excess water from the carpet is through suction. Do not do the blunder of using the household vacuum as it is not meant to get the water off the carpet. you can use a shop vac. 
  • The ventilation and extra airflow would dry the carpet. You can also get the dehumidifiers to elevate the drying process. This would keep the humidity off the room. 
  • Do not forget to dry the floor under the carpet. not doing so would not just harm the floor but carpet padding too. If the padding is damaged the carpet could be hard to save.
  • Drying surely reduces the amount of possible damage that might have caused to the carpet but is not enough; you need to get the carpet cleaned by professionals.
  • Get the cleaning done by a reliable professional like us. 

The flood can extensively damage the carpet; the efforts are to be made from the home owner’s side just like drying the carpet on time. while you can leave wet carpet cleaning in Melbourne on professionals like us.