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What Is The Water Extraction Process?

Housing flooding with water from an unknown source is one of the most unexpected scenarios that you would face. In a panic like that, you can’t figure out the source of the water right away. But this is inevitable to be the effective Water damage Restoration Melbourne of the flooded area.

The first thing to begin with when you find your home in a situation like this is water extraction. Here is everything you need to know about water extraction.

What Is Water Extraction?

As the name suggests, it is the process of removing all standing water from the flood-affected areas of your home.

The best way to approach it is:

  1. Stop the source of the problem – leaking water.
  2. Remove water.
  3. Dry the affected area.

The reason for jumping right to water extraction as it would reduce or prevent critical structural damage. Further, it speeds up the drying process, which of course, would minimise the possibilities of mould growth in the affected area.

Why Is It Essential To Choose The Professional Water Extraction?

The process may seem easy, and you would want to do it yourself, but it is best to use the help of professional water extraction companies as they are well aware of the best practice water extraction techniques and have the expertise and substantial foreknowledge.

They know all the hidden water damage spots because of their experience, which you might not. They carry with them their industry-level tools and equipment, which would assist them with the job. You surely would not have it.  

What Is The Ideal Water Extraction Process?

  • Take Care Of The Safety Hazards: there are a variety of hazards to keep an eye on when you are dealing with anything related to floor damage. Whether it be the loose furniture or the most dangerous ones are switches and sockets. Do not forget to cut off the electricity as water is a great conductor of electricity this way; nobody would get harmed.
  • Stop The Leaking: You would not want to remove water without stopping the leak as it would keep on adding more water, making an effort worthless.  
  • Remove Water: Remove the water wherever you post it in the homes as this would help you to speed up the drying process to ensure that the property damage is not further alleviated. The professionals utilise industrial vacuum for it.
  • Remove Unseeable Water: you sure remove the water that you would spot, but what about the water that would not spot? Even if you have drained the puddles of water, there would be water hidden in the affected areas like in the carpet or do that need to be dried to eliminate any probability of mould growth. 
  • Drying Out: The last step in a deal water extraction process is drying the affected area with the help of professional drying systems. You can increase the ventilation for better air circulation to speed up the drying process and keep the moisture away. 

You can top it off with dehumidifiers, disinfecting and sanitising the space as per the requirement and need. This is an essential part of the Water damage Restoration Melbourne as it prevents property damage.