Wet Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne

What Myths are There About Wet Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne?

There may be fresh spills of drink all over your carpet, or water has damaged your carpets as a result of a toilet leak, a burst water heater, your child leaving the faucet running in the sink for hours, or simply a flood. How are you going to get those stains out of your carpet?

Relax, the good news is that, thanks to professional cleaning services, removing a stain from your carpet or drying a wet carpet is not a difficult task.

It is always debatable whether you should clean your carpets or hire a professional. You can clean your carpet yourself if you rent the necessary equipment, but professional carpet cleaning has always been the better option due to the efficiency it provides.

Here are some of the most common myths about wet carpet cleaning in Melbourne and how to dry wet carpets.

  1. A wet carpet can dry on its own: This is 100% correct; the carpet will dry on its own. However, there is a chance that it will emit a foul odour or contain bacteria by the time it dries on its own.
  1. Carpet must extract the wet pad: With high-end extraction machines, cannot pull water from a damp pad. That is not the case! There is a variety of water extraction equipment available to help you remove water from the pad.
  1. Drying the wet pad is impossible: No, you can dry a wet pad without changing the carpet.
  1. You will not have that mouldy carpet odour if you dry a heavily wet carpet: There will be no odour if you dry your carpets quickly and correctly. However, if both the carpets and the pads are not dried soon, you will undoubtedly have that mouldy lingering odour.

You may find it difficult to remove stains from your carpet caused by pet urine, wine, or other spills. Most of the time, you will see people simply scrubbing away at the colour. This is ineffective because, in most cases, it will only spread the stain and cause it to penetrate deeper into the fabric. Furthermore, such scrubbing can damage the carpet’s fibre. However, with professional cleaning, there is no need to worry.

Professional carpet cleaning also includes the use of the proper cleaning products. These products eliminate the need to over-wet the carpet. This shortens the drying time and prevents mound formation or staining caused by dampness. When you have your carpet professionally cleaned, it dries quickly. This means you can resume using it as soon as the cleaners do their work.

When hiring water-damaged carpet repair professionals, the most crucial factor is a well-experienced and well-equipped team. They should have the most recent equipment and be aware of the most recent technological advancements in resolving wet carpet issues to deliver what you are paying. A more experienced and qualified team is more likely to complete a job that will extend the life of your equipment.

So hire a wet carpet cleaning in Melbourne to effectively clean your carpets so that they can look as pretty and clean as they did before. Flood Damage Total Melbourne provides excellent professional cleaning services for cleaning carpets, drying flooded carpets, and removing odours from carpets in various settings, including residential, commercial, thick pad, thin pad, no pad, Berber, cut pile, and area rugs. So connect with us now.