Carpet Water Damage

Why Should You Hire a Professional For Carpet Water Damage?

Flooding in the home can happen to anyone, regardless of whether they live near a body of water. Heavy rains will cause city water systems to overflow through your pipes and onto your floor, filling the lower level of your home with rainwater. Standing water will destroy your floor and make you experience carpet water damage Melbourne. Also, it destroys Hardwood as well as become unsanitary and toxic to humans.

If your house has been flooded, contact a home cleaning and repair company like Total Flood Damage as soon as the rains stop. You may assume that you can manage the water damage repair on your own, but you will require our professional support in most cases. Water damage occurs rapidly, so it’s important to recruit someone who knows what they’re doing and can do it quickly.

What should you do?

  • After your home has flooded, your standard response would most likely be to go through it and retrieve all of your most valuable documents and belongings. This is a successful first move because it’s important to get something out of the water that you don’t want to be destroyed as soon as possible. 
  • Removing your valuables will also make it easier for the experts like us to work with you, and you won’t have to think about asking us what you want to be saved and what you don’t.

What should you leave to our professionals?

It’s best to sit back and let our experts handle the rest after you’ve removed all of your papers and personal belongings. You may be tempted to tackle the water removal and carpet cleaning on your own, but to do so correctly, you’ll need a professional-grade toolkit.

Most household cleaning machines, such as shop vacs and steam cleaners, aren’t efficient enough to handle flood damage, and you risk electrocution if you use a vacuum cleaner that isn’t built to operate in wet conditions.

Water damaged carpets are often unable to be returned to their original condition, despite skilled cleaning methods. Your carpet would need to be removed and replaced if this is the case. If you are tempted to do your carpet cleaning, you’d probably be tempted to do your own carpet removal as well.

On the other hand, Carpet cleaning is the most dangerous aspect of water damage clean-up and should be left to the experts. When a carpeted room floods, hazardous bacteria begin to develop almost instantly, and you will be exposed to these bacteria if you attempt to remove water contaminated carpet on your own. You could become very ill as a result of this exposure and end up in the hospital.


For carpet removal, professional cleaning crews at Total Flood Damage use advanced methods for restoration of carpet water damage Melbourne that include protective equipment and proper disposal. Many cities will not encourage you to haul water damaged carpet out to the kerb due to its dangerous nature. But being a professional, we will bundle your carpet correctly, remove it, and ensure your health and safety.