Flood Restoration Melbourne

Here Is A Few Things You Need To Know About Flood Restoration

Natural disasters are literally intimidating. No one would ever want to get caught by issues like earthquake, tsunami, flood, or any of the natural disasters. It’s easy to sit back & watch television or read articles about such nature’s dangerous forms but, when you be in such a situation, things get horrible. Today, we will know about the situation of floods and how Flood Restoration Melbourne could be a solution to recover things.

Total Flood Damage Melbourne, a prominent flood restoration company has handled many flood situations with having a talented team. We have been in the field for the last many years and we helped people to get a normal life by recovering the damage as early as possible, no matter how much damage the place has.

Flood Restoration Melbourne

There will remain 5 major and primary tips that we would like to share in case if you could not approach us during the flood damage condition. Here is a list you should look into.

Sr. No Important areas How you should tackle
1. Flood insurance claims –         Contact the insurance adjuster immediately if you have flood insurance.

–         We start cleaning up the affected area and suggest you take photos for future needs.

–         Clean house and keep damaged materials for the proof of loss.

2. Electrical equipment –         Make sure to turn off all the electrical and gas services before you enter the house for the first time after the flood.
3. Food and water sanitation –         You need to be more concerned about water that reaches the house until your local water company declares water is safe & pure to drink, cook, and even to wash any part of the body or plates.

–         You should strain water through a clean cloth or filter and then boil for a full time. Let it get cool before you make use.

–         Never forget to disinfect food before you consume. Wash it properly & make sure to choose healthy food over junk during the time.

–         Without taking much time, you should discard flood-contaminated spoons, plastic utensils, pacifiers, baby bottles, and nipples. Wash the metal and ceramic pans thoroughly and sanitize them by boiling them in clean water.

4. Carpets and furnishing –         Remove all the carpets, furniture, and bedding to the outdoors to get soaked.

–         Carpets and rugs are a perfect place for bacteria to stay for a longer period. Thus, you should discard and replace flooded carpet pads.

–         If possible, you should contact professional carpet cleaners to make sure that there isn’t damp or mildew beneath carpets and rugs.

5. Walls –         Make sure to remove water from the structure as soon as possible.

–         Remove the interior surface of walls to determine water heights.

–         Discard and remove all the wet fibrous insulation.

–         You should leave walls open until they get dried which may even take a month.

These are the things you should go through initially if you could not contact any professionals. Contact us at Total Flood Damage Melbourne to handle all the Flood Restoration Melbourne requirements.