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Give Attention to These Common Carpet Damage Causes Today

Every homeowner dreams of always having a clean and fresh carpet but the harsh reality is that every branded and durable product will be damaged one day or torn out if used on the regular basis. But we can extend its life by proper caring and maintenance. Carpets and rugs are the growing trends in every house because it enhances the room appearance and gives the appealing look. Also, it acts as a protection layer for the floor and prevents the floor from getting dirty. Carpet can usually be kept clean by cleaning once a year and regular vacuuming and disinfecting.  But if any spills or other damage occurs, then seek the help of expert Carpet water damage Melbourne company sooner because delaying the carpet cleaning will ultimately reduce the life and quality of the carpet.

Below is some common reason for carpet damage that the majority of people ignore or don’t clean properly:

1)  Dirt:

Dirt is the most common cause of every damage whether it is carpet, floors, or HVAC. If dirt sits on a particular place for a longer time. It turns out to be irreplaceable damage and you might need to replace the carpet if the mud or dirt is stubborn. Stain and spilled carpet looks ugly and degrades the house’s reputation.

2)    Furniture:

You might be thinking about how furniture is going to affect the carpet but heavy furniture can affect the carpet and its fibre. Many pieces of furniture are designed with sharp ends and steel that can tear out the carpet and cause damage.

3)      Spills and stains:

Normal water spills don’t affect the carpet quality that much if the spills are of acidic content such as lemon juice, wine, or alcohol-based then it can cause staining. It can also cause a reaction with the carpet fibre or dyed colour. Stains and spills need to be cleaned immediately or else they could fade out the design of the carpet.

4)      Odour:

It’s obvious that the new carpet will sting for some days, make sure to have enough ventilation in the room. In the case of monsoon season, it’s likely to smell foggy and plunge because of the weather. Always use a fan and AC to have good ventilation.

5)      Pets: if you are the one who owns a pet then you should carefully check for the carpet because pets might play outside the garden and come inside with dirty legs, also pets are likely to urinate on the carpet. Get your carpet clean immediately if the pet urinates on it.

6)      Cleaner you use: Cleaner should be mild and lightly scented. The harsh cleaner can damage the fibre of the carpet.

Wrap-up:  We might think that common wetness and spills don’t affect but we never know when it will turn into mould and bacteria growth. Especially it is important to keep the house clean if you have pets and kids or else it will affect the health of family members in the house. At total flood damage Melbourne, we are a team of professionals that are passionate about fixing all complex flood and water damage. Book an appointment today for any Carpet water damage Melbourne services by calling our expert. We are committed to providing faster service for faster damage restoration.