4 Signs of Mould Growth After Carpet is Water Damaged

Water damages are sudden and you cannot control them. However, one of the most affected valuable items in the house is the carpets. Sometimes the damage is so severe that there is no choice but to replace the carpet. Carpet water damage Melbourne can be dealt with through mitigating ways. 

You can try DIY strategies or call professionals like us. Well in the first case the ineffectiveness of the strategies to get rid of the moisture from the carpet effectively can lead to mould growth in the carpet. Here are the signs to spot mould growth effectively. 

  • Increased Allergic Reactions

Mould produces spores, these are tiny particles that travel in the air. Get settled in the area of the moisture and grow. Inhalation of these spores has been found to be producing allergic reactions. So, if you are witnessing the increase in allergies without the spring season the reason can be mould growth. 

You cannot only guess this just based on the increased allergies. You need to evaluate the other criteria that are in line too. 

  • Check Out for Any Visible Growth

Moulds are easy to detect as they produce stains on the carpet that are easily visible. But it may not be that easy as the mould seems to grow in the inner fibres of the carpet. it may not always be visible on the surface. 

The staining is sometimes at the advanced stage of mould growth. So, if the stain is visible the mould has been thriving for a very long time on the carpet.

  • Presence Of Musty Odour Around

Mould growth has a peculiar unpleasant odour that cannot be left unnoticed. If you are in the home for long hours, you may not notice this odour. But the person visiting or family member coming home would notice this musty smell. 

The musty smell is the indication of the presence of mould spores and thereby thriving mould in the carpet. It is also an indication that the moisture from the water damaged carpet was not effectively removed. 

  • Damped Patches in The Carpet

After the water damaged carpet is dried out there is still a possibility that the padding still has some moisture content in it. With prolonged time and favourable temperature, the mould would grow on the padding.

This can also make the padding damped and hence you would feel the damped patches in the carpet.   

Carpets are a valuable part of the house. why take such a risk when the carpets are damaged. You can surely take the basic steps like getting rid of the water and drying the carpet immediately into consideration but relying totally on the DIY solution would lead to mould growth. 

Instead, call the professional, they would guide you through the carpet water damage Melbourne restoration process. You can also ask for aftercare tips from our professional to make sure that the carpet remains in good shape for a long time. The professional would clean the carpet and treat it with an effective solution to get rid of the excess moisture and any contaminants. 

What To Do After Carpet Has Been Water Damaged?

Yes, the good news is that it can be saved. Carpets and water do not go well, do they? Mishaps like floods due to pipe bursts, sewage backflow and more could soak your carpet in the water. So much that you would be left wondering if you would be able to save it. Well, carpet water damage Melbourne restoration professionals would help you with it.

Carpets are indeed a valuable part of the home. They have numerous enemies that you need to protect them from, one of which is water. Here is what to do if you find the carpet laden with flooded water.

  • Firstly, Address the Flood Reason

Finding the leak and fixing it is the top priority as you do not want more water to be coming in. The source could be any, try to determine by the flow of the water to get them to the exact source of the leak. The presence of more water in any particular area would also give you an idea of the source. 

 You can check every source near the affected area for possible leaks. Once you have detected the source make sure you stop the water flowing anyhow even if you do not know how to fix it until the professional comes and addresses it. Make sure that the professional is on their way to address the leak in time.

  • Get Everything Off the Carpet

It can get hard to deal with the carpet if there are a lot of things on it. Get everything off the carpet so you can effectively address it. Make the room clear, keeping every furniture piece in a dry area to get dry. 

  • Get Rid of The Excess Water

One of the important things to do here is to get rid of the water from the carpet. You can hire equipment to get rid of the excess water from the carpet. Use equipment with a good suction capacity to get rid of all the water. This would reduce the damage done to the carpet padding due to prolonged exposure to water. 

  • Try An Air Dry the Carpet

After you have got all the excess water from the carpet or not it is time to dry it. Drying the carpet is one of the most important steps that need to be undertaken without wasting any time. Overlooking this requirement would ruin the carpet such that there would be no choice but to replace it. 

Why so? Mould growth is the reason. Any delay in drying the carpet means leaving the moisture in the carpet for longer than expected. Moisture is the invitation for mould growth which would leave stains and odours on the carpet.

  • Call The Professional

Apart from rescuing the carpet through this basic step make sure that you contact the professionals and schedule the carpet water damage Melbourne restoration so that they are on their way too. 

They have experience, expertise, skill, knowledge, equipment and training for dealing with a situation that you may be facing for the first time in your life. They would address every requirement of the carpet more effectively, not just save it but would clean it in such a way that it looks good as new. 

Find Out a Few Alert Signs for Water Damage Restoration Services

You must have seen the flood-like situations in movies, but what if you get surrounded by a flood suddenly?!!! It’s nothing scarier than imagining ourselves in such a horrible condition. In such a situation, you must be worried about carpet water damage Melbourne as wet carpets are the source of lots of bacteria and germs.

So, here are a few signs that indicate that you need to find out the best water damage restoration company to keep the troubles far from your way.

Let’s look into all those signs that can help you in such a situation.

  1. Mould or unknowing smell

Water damage can happen at any time and it could happen due to any water-related issues. If you smell mould around your home, it clearly indicates that there is water damage in your home. Such mouldy smell signifies that the odour you can have is due to leaving damp pool towels on the floor for a longer period by throwing them into the washing machine. When such a smell arrives from the walls, then you need to look out for the professional company.

  1. Wall damage

Water damage if you find behind the walls can be the reason that can cause more than any discoloured paint. Walls that get damaged by mould or moisture start to peel off or bubble up. If you find the wall soft then it is a sign of water damage that you need to look into as early as possible. On the other hand, soft walls are not even sturdy and can be the reason for cracks. If you ignore such leaks, you may cause water restoration services.

  1. Water sound

The water sound can soothe anyone at any time. Meditation music includes soft rainfall and water sound that can make your living experience. But, in your home, if such sound could become the biggest concern. You need to contact a professional water damage restoration company if you can’t sense the water source. These water sounds are warning signs that can cause huge problems. If you want to get away from such issues, make sure to approach professional water damage Restoration Company.

  1. High water bills

Are you fed up with high water bills? If this is what you experience, you need to look out for the things that can help you detect whatsoever is wrong with your system, and help you overcome this situation. Such leaks could happen from hot water heats, toilets or from the water supply. There will remain areas that use lots of water so that such things could affect your water bills. If this is what you are going through, then it indicates that you should approach professional water damage Restoration Company.

End of the buzz,

Total Flood Damage Melbourne Company has years of expertise in dealing with such issues. Select our carpet water damage Melbourne services to come out from such stressful situations. Start contacting us from today, we can help you with all your water damage needs, be it your carpet, floor, or upholstery.

5 Reasons to Hire a Professional to Deal with Carpet Water Damage

It is one of those nightmares that every homeowner does not want to have – water damage. There is an innumerable reason including bad weather that could get you floors, carpets, rugs, valuable possessions, furniture soaked in water. Especially the carpets as they are most affected by the water damage. To save these soft and comfortable carpets from being replaced the carpet water damage Melbourne services are essential.

Here are the reasons why you need a professional to take care of the water damaged carpet.

  • Keep You Away from the Stress and the Hassle

Rescuing the carpet from the water damage can be a daunting cast, getting rid of water, cleaning it, drying it and repeating it if the odour is not gone or have mould growth. There is more to it, getting the right tools, cleaners and trying DIY solutions. All these without the surety of the desired results. You do not what to get into this trap and get the time, money and effort wasted. Instead, you can hire a professional and leave it on them.

  • Experience, Expertise and Equipment

They know what exactly to do when the carpet is water damaged. It is their job they have done it numerous times till now and money saves the carpets more damaged than yours. This makes them more capable and has the right knowledge than you. They bring along with them the tools and various equipment that will enable them to get rid of the water and dry the carpet as soon as possible

  • Get Rid of the Stain and Order

When it comes to cleaning the carpet – getting rid of stains and order. They have cleaners that are perfect for cleaning the carpets. They are not harsh to damage the carpet and not mild to not effectively clean the carpet. Professionals know the right amount of effort so that they do not overdo the cleaning of the carpet. They are well aware of the underlying problem of the stubborn odour and can treat them effectively which you could not even after multiple washes.

  • Use the Right Procedure

Steam cleaning is essential for the carpet it gets it thoroughly clean. Get rid of all the pathogens and any contaminants in the water. It is essential to make the carpet safe for pets and kids. When acquiring professional services, you can also get hot water extraction treatment done through cleaning.

  • Keeps the Moulds Away

Cleaning the carpet and keep the moisture away from the carpet on time by drying it perfectly makes it mould resistant. Generally, after water damage, the carpets become highly susceptible to mould growth, which is not good for health either. Professional will make sure that there is no moisture left in the carpet for any possibility of mould or mildew growth.

Carpets are one of the valuable possessions you could consider and that is why it is necessary to address the need for their restoration on time. Any delay could leave with no choice but replacement.

Practical Tips to Consider Before Purchasing Any Carpet

Choosing a good quality and durable carpet is equally important as the attractive look of the carpet. There are a wide variety of carpets available in the market, some might have an attractive look but may not be durable or require high maintenance. Before choosing the carpet for the home, it’s better to consider all possible factors such as budget, lifestyle, home décor, and many others that matters. Every market needs cleaning and maintenance but there are also many carpets available that are worth buying, easily maintained, and last up to many years. Climatic changes also affect the quality of carpet so; an environment, where you live also plays a crucial role in maintaining clean and fresh carpet. Moisture is almost the enemy of every house if it’s stayed for a longer time on any surface. Take the help of reputed Carpet water damage Melbourne Company if you face any carpet damage issues and mould growth.

Consider these things if you are planning to purchase a carpet:

1)      Consider your lifestyle.

Lifestyle affects the carpet performance as carpet is a high-traffic area where everyone walks daily. It also depends upon the family members living in the house. Because more crowded your home is, the dirtier it is likely to become.

2)      Try plush piles or loop piles.

Plush piles and loop piles are generally the pattern of the carpet that gives a quirky and luxurious look to the house. Plush piles are usually soft and give a velvety touch but make sure it shows the footprint. It can be used in the bedroom or low-traffic area to keep clean and maintain in good condition.

3)      Consider carpet fibre.

Carpets come in different fibres, some are stain-resistant while others are easy to stain. Some colours may get faded while others are dark coloured and do not fade easily.

4)      Check ratings and feedbacks.

Take reference from the friends or neighbours who have bought the carpet previously to know about the quality and maintenance tips.

5)      Check by lying on the carpet.

If you have a pet and kids at your home who love to play and run on the floor, ensure you prefer the heavy carpet that is durable.

6)      Understand colours of the carpet.

It’s always better to buy the darker shade as the carpets are more likely to fade over time.  Also, choose the light and dark colour contrast that blends with your interior décor.

Finishing-up:  Cleaning and maintenance is the basic part of carpet maintenance. Before purchasing, consider which one is reliable and easily maintained. There are plenty of carpet varieties available in the market and also offer a guarantee. You can easily purchase the best carpet under the budget from the online store or offline store. Hope you found the blog interesting, share this article with your colleagues and friends who are thinking to buy the carpet. Let us know your views in the comment box about the things to keep in mind while purchasing the carpet.  At total flood damage Melbourne, we specialize in water damage and flood restoration services with our years of experience and knowledge to deliver a satisfactory result. Call us today for any Carpet water damage Melbourne needs.

Give Attention to These Common Carpet Damage Causes Today

Every homeowner dreams of always having a clean and fresh carpet but the harsh reality is that every branded and durable product will be damaged one day or torn out if used on the regular basis. But we can extend its life by proper caring and maintenance. Carpets and rugs are the growing trends in every house because it enhances the room appearance and gives the appealing look. Also, it acts as a protection layer for the floor and prevents the floor from getting dirty. Carpet can usually be kept clean by cleaning once a year and regular vacuuming and disinfecting.  But if any spills or other damage occurs, then seek the help of expert Carpet water damage Melbourne company sooner because delaying the carpet cleaning will ultimately reduce the life and quality of the carpet.

Below is some common reason for carpet damage that the majority of people ignore or don’t clean properly:

1)  Dirt:

Dirt is the most common cause of every damage whether it is carpet, floors, or HVAC. If dirt sits on a particular place for a longer time. It turns out to be irreplaceable damage and you might need to replace the carpet if the mud or dirt is stubborn. Stain and spilled carpet looks ugly and degrades the house’s reputation.

2)    Furniture:

You might be thinking about how furniture is going to affect the carpet but heavy furniture can affect the carpet and its fibre. Many pieces of furniture are designed with sharp ends and steel that can tear out the carpet and cause damage.

3)      Spills and stains:

Normal water spills don’t affect the carpet quality that much if the spills are of acidic content such as lemon juice, wine, or alcohol-based then it can cause staining. It can also cause a reaction with the carpet fibre or dyed colour. Stains and spills need to be cleaned immediately or else they could fade out the design of the carpet.

4)      Odour:

It’s obvious that the new carpet will sting for some days, make sure to have enough ventilation in the room. In the case of monsoon season, it’s likely to smell foggy and plunge because of the weather. Always use a fan and AC to have good ventilation.

5)      Pets: if you are the one who owns a pet then you should carefully check for the carpet because pets might play outside the garden and come inside with dirty legs, also pets are likely to urinate on the carpet. Get your carpet clean immediately if the pet urinates on it.

6)      Cleaner you use: Cleaner should be mild and lightly scented. The harsh cleaner can damage the fibre of the carpet.

Wrap-up:  We might think that common wetness and spills don’t affect but we never know when it will turn into mould and bacteria growth. Especially it is important to keep the house clean if you have pets and kids or else it will affect the health of family members in the house. At total flood damage Melbourne, we are a team of professionals that are passionate about fixing all complex flood and water damage. Book an appointment today for any Carpet water damage Melbourne services by calling our expert. We are committed to providing faster service for faster damage restoration.

Note Down a Few Tips to Remove Water Damage from The Carpet

Carpet is one of the most sensitive things that can get damaged so easily. Especially, if you have a little baby or pets in your home, giving extra attention to the carpet is necessary. To deal with any misery, it’s ideal to keep the contact information of carpet water damage Melbourne Company handy, so you can ask them for quick help.

In this article, Total Flood Damage Melbourne would wish to share a few easy-peasy tips that will help you remove water damage from the carpet so easily.

So, let’s take a further look.

We are going to share a few most considerable tips with which you can ensure the quality of your carpet.

  1.   Make sure to dry carpet

If you let it remain wet, there will be mould growth. So, without waiting for professionals to come, you should let it dry completely. If you allow good air circulation, it will ensure that the carpet is completely clean. Here, you will require dehumidifiers or fans to process the drying procedure. Make sure to open the windows as natural air and heat will help in killing germs. If you are not able to spend on costly equipment, make use of fans.   

  1.   Make use of commercial rug shampoo

Carpet shampooing will always work if you want to have a professional cleaning service. Choose commercial rug shampoo and then start the cleaning with a sponge. Start rubbing the stained portion using shampoo and a sponge. Keep on rubbing it until you feel that the stain gets lighter in a circular motion. If the carpet is deeply soiled then you need to make use of a brush with a stiff bristle. Then, apply clear water to rinse the carpet many times.   

  1.   Remove contamination immediately

There are some chemical cleaners available that can harm you personally. So, you should ask professionals if you are doing it at own. Chemical cleaners will help in killing bacteria from the carpet so you need not worry about fungi, mould, mildew, and bacteria.  

  1.   Don’t directly contact wet carpet

When you feel the need to prevent the carpet from further damage, avoid walking on the wet carpet during the cleaning procedure. There occur the time when water can cause delamination. The situation is when the water causes the glue backing to stay ahead from the carpet fibres.

You also need to remove the furniture from the top to clean the carpet properly. It’s been noticed that wooden furniture is so much harmful. This is because the furniture stains could be the reason for staining on the wet carpet.  

And at last, call the professional if these all things will not work for your case. Professionals know the needs better than you, so contacting them when you find carpet water damage condition in your home is just perfect.

Final thought,

Rather than handling carpet water damage Melbourne situation on your own, it’s better to call the professionals for a proper service. Total Flood Damage Melbourne is just a call away if you need our assistance.  

Never Believe into These 3 Myths about Damage Clean-up

For years, we have been facing water damage condition. However, the situation ruins everything and left us empty, but this is not the end. We should wake up and start living a normal life. Professional carpet water damage Melbourne Company can help you collect the courage.

We all thought 2020 was a mishap, but 2021 also comes up with lots of troubles. When the terror of coronavirus is continuously ruining things, cyclone, flood, and other many natural disasters publish in a newspaper daily.

During the time, all we can do is, stay safe and ensure safety around us.

Total Flood Damage Melbourne Company takes an initiative to help needy ones with thorough carpet water damage restoration services.

Before you start giving excuses, we have compiled a list of myths that people believe in. So, we feel the need to break these bubbles as soon as possible from your mind.

Take a look.

Myth 1. The procedure is too much costly

There are many homeowners that think multiple times before they approach Restoration Company. They even believe that it is better to replace some of the home parts to fix the damage instead of calling restoration experts. This doesn’t stop here, they take the DIY services to save money. There is a high need to correct yourself here as they offer repair services and make sure for the final restoration.

Myth 2. DIY is far better than professional’s intervention    

Once the damage hampers your property, you will have a DIY option or you can hire a restoration company. Many of you may feel to go for a DIY option rather than hiring professionals. This could even become absolute if you have enough tools to complete the job, knowledge for the work, and experience to maintain the water damage condition. But, you never know when things go wrong and it will remain not in your favour. Thus, the safe option is to approach professionals so you need not worry about what’s right and what’s wrong in between.  

Myth 3. What if professionals make my carpet dirty?

Oh, we caught you. It’s genuine to have a trust issue, especially if you are new to look out for such services in the market. But, this is a complete misconception from which you need to come out. The actual truth is that a restoration company give enough attention to every small to large things, and this also include carpeting.

The professionals also prefer to use the right tools, methods, and products to clean the carpet.

After the completion of the drying process, they also look into the walls, ceilings, and floors to ensure that there will remain no excessive moisture that could impact the carpet.

End of the buzz,

Total Flood Damage Melbourne is an ideal choice for all those who look out for carpet water damage Melbourne services.

Do you have any questions regarding this service? We hope you are clear about a lot of misconceptions about carpet water damage restoration services.

Contact us for further information.

Replace your carpet if you notice these signs

Natural disasters always strike at an unexpected time and if it is a serious one then, it can cause serious damages to the home infrastructure and many other residential damages. Especially natural hazards like floods, cyclones, and storms are more likely to cause damage in all way that is financially, emotionally, and mentally. But there is no option; you have to restore your home condition back to normal by spending few bucks. It might take one to two weeks to get everything back to normal even if you hire flood restoration service because structural damage takes time to heal. If your location recently strikes by a flood then you might need several repairs and replacements especially you will need to repair the carpet of your living room but if your carpet is wet for more than 72 hours then it’s better not to waste money on carpet cleaning and get your old carpet replaced. You can consult the reputed carpet water damage Melbourne service to get advice on whether the carpet can be restored or need to replace.

Check for these signs to be sure whether your carpet needs to be replaced:

1) Matting:

Matting is the first sign of carpet damage that cant be renewed. If you have polyester fibre carpets then the fibres are more likely to pull down because of excess flood water and if your carpet is wet for longer than 72 hours then it starts matting and no carpet cleaning company can renew it in the previous condition.

2) Stains:

If your carpet has oil, dye, or other stains that you have been hiding through furniture and décor items then it’s time to get the new carpet.  The stains can stick into other items of the home while moving the objects or when you walk on them.

3) Bad- odour:

If you notice a bad unpleasant smell from the carpet after it has been cleaned then it could be because of residue or bad water is left in it. The foul bad smell can be the sign of mold and bacteria growth that can affect your health so, it is better to replace the carpet rather than investing in a cleaning service again.

4) Respiratory problems:

The dirty carpet is likely to produce mycotoxins and other bacteria that make the air inside the house unfresh and can cause various respiratory issues. The germs and bacteria can travel by air inside the house and lead to breathing problems, asthma, and many more.

5) Skin problems and infections

Bad carpet causes various skin irritations and skin issues because floodwater is likely to be contaminated and loaded with many germs and bacteria. The flooded carpet can cause redness, itchiness, and many other fungal infections.

6) Gastrointestinal infections:

Small kids and pets are likely to pick the things from the dirty floor and eat the things. The germs might get into the stomach and cause gastrointestinal infections and severe health issues.

Conclusion: carpet needs replacing after every 5 to 15 years depending upon the quality, but if your carpet is newly purchased and not much old, you can restore it by effective carpet water damage Melbourne service, consult the total flood damage Melbourne to get the best flood restoration service and effective consultation.

Here is Everything You Need to Consider About carpet water damage Melbourne

If you have faced carpet water damage Melbourne recently, you must know many water sources, containing sewage and other harmful pollutants. Even if the carpet is treated to avoid mould and bacteria growth, it will not protect you from the health risks that these pollutants pose. If the water soaking your carpets came from a potentially hazardous source, or even if you can’t find the source, it’s best to be careful and replace them.

With ease and professionalism, Total Flood Damage can restore any kind of carpet. To bring your valuable investment back to life, we use the best and most up-to-date technologies and equipment. Our experienced Carpet Flood Damage technicians will systematically dry your wet carpets, avoiding the creation of mould in your home or company.

What Are the Most Frequent Water Damage Sources in a House?

Water damage to a home is unfortunately very common and one of the most common reasons for homeowners to file a lawsuit.

Depending on the source of the water, this damage can occur quickly or slowly:

  • Septic problems and overflowing toilets
  • Appliances break down (dishwasher, washing machine, etc.)
  • Inundation
  • Roof leaks and valve bursts

Many forms of hard flooring, such as tile and linoleum, can be washed and dried quickly, but carpeting does not.

What Are the Health Risks of Water Damaged Carpets?

Wet carpets, as previously said, are a breeding ground for harmful mould and bacteria. According to our experience, exposure can cause a variety of reactions in people, ranging from serious reactions to no symptoms at all.

The health risks are influenced by both the nature and length of exposure. You can experience wheezing, a stuffy nose, and itchy skin or eyes after short-term, low-level exposure to mould and bacterial growth. However, you could be more susceptible to a serious mould reaction if you have some medical conditions.

Particularly small mould and bacteria exposure levels can be harmful to people who have asthma or allergies to mould. According to some recent reports, mould exposure in children early in life has also been linked to an increased risk of developing asthma.

Finally, people taking immunosuppressive drugs could be more susceptible to mould and bacteria-related illnesses. Individuals with chronic lung conditions, such as COPD, are also at risk. 

All these can have no future at all if you take the service right in time and understand the seriousness of the situation. Therefore, if you have flood damage in your home or office and need immediate, prompt, and dependable Flood Damage Restoration Melbourne service, contact the experts and professionals at Total Flood Damage Melbourne right away! Our technicians can provide high-quality services with a personal touch at affordable rates. Call us right now at (phone number) for a safe, sanitary, and dry environment—you deserve it!


As mentioned above, we know there could be several consequences of carpet water damage Melbourne if not treated in time and with professionalism. You can directly contact us because we are available 24/7 for your emergency needs.