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Smart Ideas to Remove Pet Urine Stains from Your Carpet


So, your carpet gets wet? What’s the reason? Is it because of leakage in the water tank, pipes, or due to flood-like conditions? Well, the reason behind dirty & wet carpet is anything, but the important thing is to seek for wet carpet cleaning in Melbourne Company around us.

Total Flood Damage Melbourne is a company that can handle your carpet stains and the smell of pet urine with smart solutions and quality services.

If you ever find pet urine on the carpet, the important thing is to take action quickly. The earlier you deal with the urine smells and stains, the better it can be for you to get a carpet in a good condition soon.

In short, once you get an idea about the wetness of your carpet, the first thing you should do is to let it soak for a while. And, call the professionals so that they can help you with the thorough cleaning of your carpet. No one can handle the carpet cleaning process as effectively as professionals can.

The pet urine you found on the carpet can affect your home environment and it can make your family members suffer from various diseases.

Here are a few things that we as a professional can suggest to you in such a condition.

You can choose homemade solutions at an initial stage

Sometimes, we know that someone took us for granted but we choose it as a choice. Another thing you can include is to go for a home remedy solution. There are a few home remedies that work perfectly for all your choices.

You can choose baking soda and vinegar for cleaning the carpet. Just spray white vinegar on the stain, then you can just sprinkle the same on the portion of carpet. Now, cover the area using a towel and then, leave it for a few days.

After completing it, you need to take a scoop of dried baking soda and rinse the same with cool water. Finally, the blot dries it using paper towels.

Another idea that works is to use dishwashing detergent. You can mix a quarter spoon of dishwashing detergent with warm water. Now, put it into a spray bottle and apply the same on the stains and let it dry a few times. Repeat the same until you get good results.    

How do we deal with any newer stain on your carpet?

If there is a pet stain on the carpet and it seems still wet, you need to let it dry a few times. Let the urine soak up as much as possible. Now, you can make a thick layer of a paper towel and then place it in a wet place. After that, you can cover it using newspaper or any absorbent side of a pee pad.

Now, you can apply weight to it for a few minutes. Repeat the same until the area remains a little damp. Now, you need to rinse the area using cool and clean water.


Total Flood Damage Melbourne is a wet carpet cleaning in Melbourne based Company that can complete the wet carpet cleaning job for all sorts of requirements.