Removing Mildew and Musty Smell From Carpet With Few Easy Steps

It’s obvious that anything that is wet for a longer time will sting and have a mildew smell, no matter how hard we avoid it. It might be disappointing and create an embarrassing situation when your room carpet smells bad. It is important to dry the carpet properly before using it in the room, heavy carpet usually doesn’t dry easily and requires proper drying and vacuuming to get rid of extra moisture. It can be difficult to clean the carpet especially in the rainy season hence, it’s better to schedule the carpet cleaning on a hot sunny day to dry efficiently and prevent stinging inside the house; however, not every carpet smells bad, it depends on the fabric of the carpet.

Some carpets have a good drying capacity and don’t sting like leather. Take the help of professional wet carpet cleaning in Melbourne in case your carpet is damaged in flood or your pet urinated on the carpet.

Well, the smell can easily vanish by using some cost-effective home remedies. The ingredients like baking soda, vinegar solutions, and hydrogen peroxide work great for stain removal and smell removal.

Follow the below steps to get rid of mildew and musty smell from the carpet.

1)      Dry the area properly

Drying is important to get rid of moisture from the surface because moisture is the main cause of the smell and mold growth. If the carpet is heavily wet due to flood water, consult experts for drying and other solutions.

2)      Vacuum the area

After drying, vacuum the carpet to get rid of dust and debris from the surface. Using a large vacuum would be a good choice to clear more dust quickly.

3)      Apply vinegar solution to the carpet

Vinegar is the famous method to clean stains and remove odours in the house. Vinegar has been a cost-effective choice and is widely used in most of the cleaning ingredients. Prepare a solution by adding water and vinegar of equal amounts and pour it into a spray bottle. Spray the vinegar solution on the carpet evenly.

4)      Sprinkle baking soda generously on the carpet

Baking soda is one of the best and effective odour neutralizers that is light and can be used freely because it doesn’t cause any damage to the carpet. Sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda everywhere on the carpet. Now all you have to do is wait and allow to soak the vinegar and baking soda in the carpet surface. Leave it overnight and vacuum the carpet efficiently.

Endnote:  Above are the proven working home remedies that can help to get rid of the smell if applied properly. It’s important to leave the baking soda overnight depending upon the severity of the smell. Other alternatives that can be used for smell removal are hydrogen peroxide solutions and carpet foaming shampoo. There are many carpet cleaners available in the market that helps to get rid of the smell and stain quickly because of their unique formulation. At total flood damage Melbourne, we offer the best wet carpet cleaning in Melbourne and emergency flood damage restoration round the clock. For any kind of flood damage service, book an appointment with us today.

What Are Wet Carpet Drying Myths Debunked By Cleaning Experts? Read This!

Owning a carpet can be very exciting, looks nice, looks amazing under bare feet and keeps you nice and tasty when it gets cold. Water damage can be caused by a variety of events when it comes to the situation – such as if you have a toilet leak, or an explosion pipe, or maybe your children have left a faucet running for hours, it can ruin your living space.

The best way to remove this embedded debris is with professional wet carpet drying Melbourne services offered by Total Flood Damage. Assuming the damage isn’t too bad, professional cleaning and restoration process will make your carpet usable once again, ​but myths and misconceptions are running in some homeowners’ minds. Are you one of them? Well, read the following cleaning myths debunked:

Myth #5: DIY carpet cleaning is easy and fun as well.

These days, DIY projects are all furious with the idea of ​​getting their hands dirty. However, some tasks are best left to professionals. Professional experts will understand the challenges to handle integrity and care when it comes to more serious carpet cleaning—especially if you have small children and pets in the house.

Myth #4: Cleaning Can Ruin It.

Professionally cleaned carpets don’t last as long; it’s not enough. The fact is having a best to have professionals cleaning will eliminate dirt build-up, which is always unnoticeable “Good services don’t come cheap”.

Myth #3: Owned dry a flooded carpet, you will not get a moldy, damp smell.

When carpet and pad are not dried quickly and properly, you will probably have a problem with lingering musky smells and mold. So, with wet carpet drying Melbourne professionally service, there will be no smell.

Myth #2: No need to hire a professional cleaner if you own a cleaning machine.

Having carpet cleaning machines work the best for routine purposes, but they can’t replace the professional. These machines are often cumbersome and difficult to use without proper training. Professional cleaners are trained to handle the carpets depending on their size, use modern techniques and methods that are much better for your carpets.

Myth #1: Wet carpets should be discarded.

When faced with flood damage, many homeowners assume that the carpet will need to be discarded. However, the truth is that your carpet can be defended. Therefore, it is beneficial to clean your carpet professionally to help improve and maintain the look. Many misconceptions must be busted, and you will have a consistently clean carpet that will maintain its appearance.


Carpet is a very essential part of giving you comfort and improving beauty. Damage can occur for many reasons, but the problem is that many homeowners are surrounded by many myths. This is because many homeowners do not pay proper attention to treatment and cleaning professionally.  So, it’s essential to hire wet carpet drying Melbourne specialists for dealing with tasks using their advanced equipment and techniques. Call at Total Flood Damage and plan action to restore your carpet quickly.

Things To Do to Dry the Carpet After Flood Damage

Carpets surely are to be kept away from a lot of things to reduce the risk of stains, to keep them away from getting odours, getting the carpet damaged and so on. One such thing that all homeowners want to keep their carpets off is moisture, water and humidity. An accidental pipe burst in the home is a nightmare for the carpets. You would need to take up the wet carpet cleaning in Melbourne to rescue them. 

Some carpets that are left unattended for a long time after the flood in the house seem to get damaged so badly that they need to be replaced. That is expensive damage done there. You surely want to save the carpet and get it cleaned and not replaced. 

If so then there is one most important consideration that you need to take when the carpet gets wet after such accidents. It is drying the carpet.

Here are some of the ways that can dry the carpet effectively after emerging in the water.

  • The first and the foremost thing to do when you find the carpet being wet is to get rid of everything that is on that carpet. when trying to dry the carpet with something on it would leave that spot wet and also would affect the fibres of that area. 
  • Doing it would expose the carpet to make airflow allowing it to dry faster. To increase the air circulation, you can increase the ventilation in the room, get the fan switched on and up to full speed. Open the windows, switch on the air conditioning system to increase the evaporation of water from the carpet. 
  • Along with all of it. To get rid of the water lay towels over the carpet. The towels would suck the water from the carpet. squeeze the towel to get rid of all the water that it has absorbed. Repeat this until all the water from the carpet is absorbed by the towels. Make sure that you do not leave the towel for too long to absorb the water. 
  • Another way to get the excess water from the carpet is through suction. Do not do the blunder of using the household vacuum as it is not meant to get the water off the carpet. you can use a shop vac. 
  • The ventilation and extra airflow would dry the carpet. You can also get the dehumidifiers to elevate the drying process. This would keep the humidity off the room. 
  • Do not forget to dry the floor under the carpet. not doing so would not just harm the floor but carpet padding too. If the padding is damaged the carpet could be hard to save.
  • Drying surely reduces the amount of possible damage that might have caused to the carpet but is not enough; you need to get the carpet cleaned by professionals.
  • Get the cleaning done by a reliable professional like us. 

The flood can extensively damage the carpet; the efforts are to be made from the home owner’s side just like drying the carpet on time. while you can leave wet carpet cleaning in Melbourne on professionals like us. 

How To Prevent the Mould Growth on Carpets After Water Damage?

Got the carpet wet due to a water mishap in the house? Well, that could end up with having the mould infestation on the carpet not treated properly and on time. Carpet is among the delicate processions in the house that has to face the worst when it comes to water damage. In worst cases, one has to lose the carpet as they cannot get rid o the mould growth stains. This is why wet carpet cleaning in Melbourne is essential.

Here is how you can protect the carpet after the water damage from mould growth.

  • Getting The Water Damaged Carpet Cleaning Done by Professionals

Getting rid of the water and drying the caret as soon as you can is the immediate carpet rescue plan that you can work on. This will not let the pathogens present in the carpet leave an odour, reduce the chances of extreme water damage to the carpet and most importantly keeps it restorable.

One wise thing to do is get the carpet steam cleaned by the professionals to ensure the hygiene and cleanliness of the carpet to the depth. They will inspect the carpet and find every possible area or issues that need to be addressed. They have the right tools and experts who will provide reliable service.

  • Installing Dehumidifiers at Home

The sole reason for mould growth is moisture or relative humidity. When you cut off the source of their spread or growth that is moisture that won’t appear ever. So, make sure that after your house has faced water damage, have dehumidifiers at home so that the humidity and moisture can be controlled.

  • Sanitizing The Water Damaged Area

Water can have a contaminant that is not good for your health. So, for safety concerns make sure that you sanitize the entire water affected area including the carpet. you can also request your carpet steam cleaning service provider to ensure proper sanitization of the carpet.

  • Check For Any Possible Water in The Furniture

One need to check for all of your procession including the furniture for any water damage. Missing out on this will affect your furniture or processions. This moisture will make them susceptible to mould growth which is exactly what we are trying to avoid.

  • Have The Area Inspected

You may not know about detecting the parts of the house that still has hidden moisture. This may cause mould growth soon and when the time you detect it the damage is already done, instead you have the house inspected to eliminate each possibility of mould growth.


Taking care of all these aspects will help you to tackle all the possible ways which could have ended into mould growth in the house and not just the carpet. It will indeed make the carpet way far from getting any mould or mildew. The major benefit procured out of this is keeping your loved one and yourself away from the respiratory diseases and infection caused by the mould spores.

Know Why Stain and Water-Resistant Carpets Are Better Options

Are you tired of maintaining the carpet regularly and continuously worrying over the spills and stains? The majorities of people buy carpets and rugs by their attractive looks and then struggle with maintenance. Especially if your house is a high-traffic area that is full of guests, kids, and pets, then it is more likely to get the stain and spills regularly. It’s not affordable to regularly clean the carpet. You might have heard about the stain-proof and waterproof carpets. There are many carpet production companies that manufacture stain and waterproof carpets. Though stain and water-proof carpets too need proper care and maintenance but they can reduce the stress of cleaning spills and stains. Consult the trusted wet carpet drying Melbourne Company in case your house strikes with the flood.

Reasons for switching to stain and waterproof carpet today:

1)      Stain and waterproof carpets are easy to clean because they are made up of high-grade fiber with a nylon coating to offer anti-staining properties. They can be easily clean by wiping the spills or stains with wipes or cloth.

2)      Stain and waterproof carpets are pet-friendly and prevent pet accidents, unlike other carpets. It can save you from other cleaning expenses like steam cleaning and other carpet services. Pet’s urine and other dirt can easily clean because it does not allow liquid and dirt on the surface as it has the nylon special coating on it.

3)    They are durable and last for longer years because stain and waterproof carpets use nylon in manufacturing that is effective stain and soil repellent so, it doesn’t allow sitting the soil on the carpet surface.

4)      It is cost-effective as compared to the other carpets. If you see the overall cost, it is reliable and requires less cleaning and maintenance. It ultimately saves time for working women and safer for the pets who love running in the home. Waterproof carpet means, it does not allow water to absorb inside the carpet hence water or any spills can b easily wiped using a mop and has easy drying properties.

Bottom line: Apart from the stain and waterproof carpet, there are also other options that you can try like carpet padding and other flooring options. Many companies manufacture customized carpets based on the client’s requirements like fibre requirements, colour, and other things. Consider your environmental factors where you live before purchasing the carpet because of the location where you live matters. Also, consider for which house area you are buying carpet. If it’s for the living room, kitchen, or bathroom that is usually a high-traffic area. Choose the waterproof carpet.  At total flood damage Melbourne, we specialize in professional cleaning services and flood restorations. Consult us if you are looking for any carpet solutions or wet carpet drying Melbourne service, we will be glad to help you anytime.

Hope you found above information useful and knowledgeable, share your thoughts and experience in the comment box if you have used any stain or water-proof carpet.

Keep the Allergies Away With Professional Carpet Cleaning

Whenever people perceive that their home has been ambushed by bacteria and viruses as their loved ones have started falling ill without any reason, what do they do? They start disinfecting the house, keep the house ventilated, take up cleaning seriously, and switch to nutritious food to recover and more. But what they don’t realise is that the reason for the allergies or diseases could be the carpet. Ask yourself a question: how many times have you considered this? This is why wet carpet cleaning in Melbourne needs to be taken into consideration.

Carpets and an inseparable part of a home’s decor. They are cosy, comfy, and elegant. But they need regular cleaning too. Unlike tiles vacuuming the carpet is not enough. Especially the carpets that have been accidentally wet lately. Professionals at Total Flood Damage Melbourne have heard many people saying that drying the wet carpet is enough but what about the germs, viruses, bacteria, pollutants, dirt, debris that gets trapped among the fibres of the carpet?

Here is why one needs professional carpet cleaning services?

  • Allergies and Diseases

Do not get fooled by the appearance of the carpet. It may seem neat but it is not clean. If you could see what all is your carpet holding up underneath that tidy look you would probably end up getting thorough cleaning every alternative day!

Dirt, dust, debris, pollen, pollutants, food particles, moisture, hair, skin cells, pet hairs, pet dander, pet urine, detergent residue, germs, viruses, bacteria, fungi, allergens and what not. Seems like these carpets have a hobby of accumulating all sorts of stuff.

  • Expertise and Experience

Your knowledge and techniques regarding carpet cleaning are adequate for the momentary solution. A thorough cleaning needs expertise, experience and industrial techniques, procedures and equipment. Consider the overall cost of owning the equipment, investing time to get the hang of procedures and techniques if you are willing to do it yourself. It does not fit in your budget.

Apart from it, the techniques are often improvised from the experience. New equipment is available in the market as the technology advances to get effective cleaning benefits. All are very well aware of how often technology advances. You cannot get a hold of every machine as they get available in the market but we can improve our services. Our professionals have faced a lot of varied situations that have made them learn a lot about effective cleaning.

  • Carpet cleaning

Hot water extraction cleaning seems to be an excellent method to get those wet or dried carpets thoroughly cleaned. Our professionals will come with appropriate cleaner and equipment. They work on a proper technique to clean the carpet. All this without the worry of not fitting in the budget or inappropriate cleaning of the carpet.

Did water damage the carpet accidentally to pipe leakages? Do not panic, just contact us. That is Total Flood Damage Melbourne and leave the rest of the stress of cleaning on our wet carpet cleaning in Melbourne professional. Do not forget to take the tips of regular cleaning from our professional because they have many that too effective ones!

What are the different ways to keep the carpet away from moulds?

After restoring the carpet from the water damage that too by wet carpet cleaning in Melbourne professional, does it necessarily mean that mould won’t grow on the carpets till its lifespan? Carpets are the delicate pieces of the house that are prone to trapping dust, debris, moisture, pollutants and more. Just the vacuuming would keep them away from the mould growth. Even when taking regular care of carpet in the house the moisture can get locked in the fibres of the carpet due to weather or humidity in the house.

What about the spills of water on the carpet that you are unaware of? Or the carpet is placed near humidity prone areas? This is what we need to work on to keep the mould away from the carpet. Here is a list of ways that could help you prevent mould growth on the carpet.

Make sure there is no excess moisture in the house

The presence of moisture in the room allows the carpet to trap the moisture in the fibres and then we know what happens next. The moisture in the house could be due to many reasons: poor ventilation, poorly cleaned ducts, HVAC system not maintained properly, weather and more. Try to address the source of the moisture to get rid of the moisture. You can also install dehumidifiers in the house for extra help with moisture.

Keep the carpets away from water

Make sure you place the carpets in places of the house that are less prone to water spills or are away from sources of water, like the bathroom and other water involving appliances. Once the house is flooded with a mishap due to any reason, like a pipe burst, does not mean it won’t happen again. Make sure that the house is maintained more effectively. Even if the carpet gets wet, accidentally wipe off the water immediately and dry the carpet or take the professional help.

Regular cleaning

Along with all the precautions, regular cleaning also helps in maintaining the hygiene and cleanliness of the carpet and the house. Carpet has an impact on the indoor air quality so cleaning the carpet regularly becomes a must. Vacuuming the carpets regularly would keep them away from dust, bacteria, debris and more. Make sure that you use vacuum attachments that can make the carpet cleaning more effective.

Leave it on a pro

We do know how to keep the carpet clean but sometimes we may lack in either effort or knowledge that could lead to mould growth. So apart from relying on individual efforts one can also get the carpet cleaning procedures done by professionals. They can have a thorough assessment of the carpet, treat them and clean them accordingly.


Mould infestation on the carpets is very easy due to various favourable conditions that carpet offers. But we cannot let this happen due to high health risk. Professionals with their expertise and experience can save the carpet and the house from mould infestation. If you have not consulted a wet carpet cleaning in Melbourne yet, do it without wasting time, as some damages done to the carpet does not leave any other choice than carpet replacement.

Important Questions to ask the flood restoration company

have the flood or storm struck your place?  Dealing with the natural hazards can make emotionally low and down because there are many thoughts wandering inside mind about the expense to restore the house into the normal condition. Obviously, you will need a flood restoration service to get everything clean and disinfectant but it would be great if you are already prepared with the essential questions and doubts before you hire any flood restoration service. It might be possible that some things can be fixed by yourself if the damage is minor or moderate. It’s better to ask the flood cleaning company whether they offer wet carpet drying Melbourne service and other Customization for the service so, you only pay for the service you need rather than jumping into the entire flood restoration package.

1) Are you available 24*7?

A disaster always occurs unexpectedly without any signs. Ask the company you hire whether it is available 24* 7 for emergency service. Here at total flood damage Melbourne, we are available round the clock, call us anytime for any kind of emergency flood restoration services.

2) Is your company licensed or bonded?

Ask whether your company is licensed and liable if any accident occurs during the restoration process. The reputed company offers all the facilities and handles security professionally. You can get compensation value if anything goes wrong during the work.

3) Do they have a local office nearby your location?

For security, this question must be asked because you can’t hire any random company you don’t have worked with before. Verify if they have a physical office nearby your place.

4) Can you provide me reviews and past client details?

Checking genuine reviews and feedback will give you peace of mind and satisfaction that you are going with the right choice. If the company is genuine, they will don’t mind providing honest clients details.

5) What does your restoration service includes?

Know what their service includes. Some companies might only include drying of the flooded things. Have a clear talk about your house damage and what service you need such as sanitization, plumbing, and other restoration.

6) Is your team certified and experienced?

Experts are trained to handle the work smoothly and efficiently. If your work is carried by experienced, the restoration process gets easier and flexible.

7) Can you deal with my insurance company?

Some restoration processes can be expensive so, ask whether the company you hire can deal with your insurance company. The insurance company can help in reducing costs up to great extent. Ask about the service and get the final estimation of the restoration process after the deduction of the insurance amount.

Bottom line: Every restoration process takes time to get back to a normal state whether it is a flood or any other thing. But you can make the flood restoration process efficient and faster by making the right company choice. At total flood damage Melbourne, we deal with all types of cleaning and flood restoration services to make your restoration process quicker and easier. Apart from this, we also expertise in wet carpet drying Melbourne service, connect with us today to know more about our service and offers.

How to salvage the Carpet from the flood water damage?

When considering saving those beautiful but wet carpets from the water damage. There are a lot of criteria to be taken into consideration. Water is a solvent, meaning anything could be dissolved in the water easily. So it is important to make sure that it is worth saving the carpet by checking the quality of water that damaged the carpet. As if the water is badly contaminated then it can also cause hazardous infection. After confirming the water quality, there are two options here: either you clean it with some DIY solution or get it cleaned by wet carpet cleaning in Melbourne professionals.

We understood here that the quality of water should be good but what type of floodwater has good quality? This could be easily recognized by knowing the source of the water here is how.

  • Water that flooded the home is from broken pipes or rainwater.
  • Water from appliances like dishwasher, toilet overflows, washing machine etc.
  • Water from an outside source like sewage, river floods, seawater flood etc.

If the carpet is soaked in clean water like that from the first point then there is no risk in saving the carpet. But in the latter two cases, there is a high chance that the carpet may contain bacteria or virus that could cause diseases.

The next question is how to dry the carpet that has been soaked in the water for a day or maybe a couple of days?

  • There are a lot of things involved when restoring the carpet like it was before getting wet. Drying, shampooing, vacuuming, treating it to get the bad odour out of it, disinfecting and more.
  • If you are doing it yourself, you have to go through a tiring and repetitive process of cleaning the carpet and then making sure that it is disinfected, using baking soda to remove the odour and more. Wall-to-wall carpet could be a huge task. Instead, what one can do is leave the whole stress on the experts in carpet restoration from water damage. They have the experience, skill, appliances and techniques to restore the carpet more effectively than you would have done.

The hard truth here is the cleaning and drying the carpet by oneself could leave room for error. Not properly disinfected and sanitized carpet can cause diseases. Not drying the carpet enough could make the condition favourable for mould growth. Mould growth means displeasing odours, diseases and allergies. In cases of damage from the contaminated water you have to replace the carpet however valuable it may be to you.

Bottom Line

Is restoring the carpet enough? What about the home? What about other water damage? Would you be able to tackle this huge task by yourself? It is recommended to take the help of professionals at flood or wet carpet cleaning in Melbourne services. They not only take care of those carpets but also the space that is damaged but the water. Also, make sure you have the backup of insurance for the flood damage cleaning.

Amazing Health Benefits of Wet Carpet Cleaning

There are various types of carpet cleaning methods widely used differently by industries. many old carpet cleaning methods are no longer proven effective as they were before because carpet used in older days and carpets used in today’s generation is so much different. With the changing time and people’s choices, carpet cleaning techniques are also updated with time.  Hot water extraction is a popularly famous carpet cleaning method that is proven effective in the removal of germs and allergen completely .its famously known as steam cleaning in the commercial industries.

Carpets and rugs are the most used thing that has high-traffic on the regular basis especially if you have the pets and small kids in your house then it is most likely to get dirty and stained on the regular basis but some dirt and stains cant be cleaned at home so, it required the professional wet carpet cleaning in Melbourne for the assured results. It’s always a good option to periodically clean carpet and another necessary house stuffs to maintain a healthy and fresh environment.

 Wet cleaning methods:

Hot water extraction(HWE): in hot water extraction, the carpet is cleaned under the high-pressured water tank with a solution to remove all the dust and debris from the carpet and then vacuumed to dry the carpet after efficient cleansing.

Carpet shampooing

The carpet shampooing method is beneficial in removing stubborn stains, thick dirt, oil, and muds. shampoos and detergent-based cleaning products clean the stains and dirt effectively while maintaining the actual color of the carpet.

Bonnet cleaning:

In bonnet cleaning, hard cleaning spray is buffed to the carpet. It generally contains a cotton or rayon pad soaked in the rotary shampoo machine for cleaning.


Encapsulation uses low concentrated water so basically called low-moisture cleaning. In the encapsulation process, the chemical is sprayed on the entire carpet, and then the brush is brushed all over the carpet with a rotational bonnet machine to facilitate cleaning.  Carpet can be used instantly after the encapsulation cleaning.

Here are some health benefits of wet carpet cleaning :

  1. Wet cleaning is effective because the carpet is cleaned under high-pressure steam so, it not only cleans effectively but it also kills 90% of germs and bacteria.
  2. Steam cleaning and vacuuming removes all contaminants and dirt hence, clean carpet improves air quality in-home.
  3. Effective steam cleaning prevents the growth of mold and bacterias on the carpet.
  4. Wet carpet cleaning prevents dust mite infestations.
  5. Highly extracted carpet is cleaned efficiently and hence it promotes the life of carpet while retaining its shine and better condition.
  6. It doesn’t leave a smoky and foggy smell in the home hence, providing a clean and fresh feeling in the home.

Wind-up: Hope you loved reading our blogs with interesting carpet cleaning information. It’s important to choose an effective and safe carpet cleaning technique, more importantly, it is important to select the best cleaning company for carpet cleaning service. consult the total flood damage Melbourne today for all kinds of carpet cleaning service and flood damage restoration service.