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What Should You Do During Burst Pipe Flooding? Handle Wisely!

The situation of burst pipe sometimes takes a dangerous form and it can damage almost everything. If you ignore the sign of it, the situation can become uncontrollable and the damage can be unrecovered. Also, it can put the health of your family at a big risk. Every household gets wet and damaged due to the burst pipes. Mostly, it affects the carpets. And, calling out Carpet water damage Melbourne is the primary need.

During the situation, you must be careful about each & every move you take to come out from the trap. Here is a simple but effective guide that can help you on what you should do to fix the issue of burst pipe until the expert arrives.

  • Shut down the main electric system

It is a bigger risk when water gets in contact with electricity. Thus, the first thing we advise you to do is, turn off the main power. Also, don’t go into standing water when the power is on. Be careful while you reach to the electric board.

  • Close the main water supply

By switching off the main water supply, it would become easy to stop the source of flooding. Thus, you should simply turn off the main water supply.

  • Remove items from the floor

You also need to remove the items that are important for the usage from the floor. Pick the items that can be easily soaked and used in future.

  • Click snaps of the situation

Take proper snaps to showcase it to the insurance company when you file a claim. It is good to keep evidence of flooding and the damage you come across.

  • Start removing standing water

After you keep a safer side with the photographs of the condition, the next step is to remove standing water. If there is any floor drain, you need to use a squeegee to push the standing water to the drain. If you don’t find the drain, you can make use of mop or bucket to clean the standing water.

  • Let the expert fix the issue

After the professional carpet water damage experts arrive at the site, you need to cooperate them with the situation and direction of the house. Experts have enough tools and techniques that they can help you come out from the situation with ease.

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End up!

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