Carpet Water Damage

DO’s and DON’Ts to Consider While Dealing With Carpet Water Damage

Flooding is a natural occurrence in areas where seasonal rains and storms occur. If you own a home in one of these places, you’ve probably dealt with flooding and carpet water damage Melbourne to your house. The first area to be impacted by some kind of water damage is, of course, the house flooring.

Water damage is particularly troublesome in homes with carpeted floors. Aside from getting the carpeting soaked, the greater danger is the type of seepage underneath the carpet and the resulting mould growth caused by dampness and moisture.

It may not sound appealing, but a water-damaged carpet may easily become a breeding ground for a variety of organic germination, the majority of which poses a direct threat to both life and property.

Do’s of Dealing with Carpet Damage

Here are a few things you can do to help your carpet dry out.

  • Make sure you turn off the electricity before attempting to locate the source or entering the water. This is particularly true if the water damage was caused by flooding. Stepping into standing water that may or may not involve a live wire is not a smart idea.
  • Determine the source of the water/flooding. If a leak or broken plumbing causes water damage, first switch off the water supply and fix the damaged pipe or plumbing.
  • If the flooding is caused by a natural occurrence such as a hurricane or floods, attempt to cover the source with sandbags or some other type of boarding that will keep the water out before help arrives.
  • Remove any excess water after the water supply has been plugged. If the water level is low, soak it up with towels and buckets, or try mopping.
  • Allow air to enter after the excess water has been extracted. To remove moisture, open windows and allow air to circulate freely, switch on ceiling fans, and use humidifiers.
  • If the harm is severe and you are unable to tackle the situation on your own, seek assistance.
  • Make contact with a reputable water damage repair company like Total Flood Damage Melbourne. Our experts are trained to work in such situations, handle the tools, and have the experience to deal with carpet flooding and the issues that may occur due to it.

Don’ts of Dealing with Carpet Damage

When dealing with water-damaged carpeting, there are a few items you must completely stop.

  • Carry out carpet drying that isn’t completely dry. If dampness sets in, you’ll have to deal with the possibility of mould formation.
  • If you are not qualified for the job or have no previous experience dealing with water damaged carpets like us, do not attempt any kind of water damaged carpet repair on your own.
  • If the advice comes from sources you don’t trust, go for a crude DIY solution or home remedies.
  • If your floors aren’t carpeted, but you have single carpets and rugs on them, don’t neglect or dismiss the issue.


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