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Restore your Carpet Water Damage with 5 Steps

Your carpet might become moist even with a modest amount of water. Whatever the cause, it’s critical to dry wet carpets as soon as possible to avoid mould growth and damage to the walls and sub-flooring. Water damaged carpets can be repaired on your own, depending on the extent of the damage. However, to ensure appropriate drying and cleaning of carpet water damage experts recommend hiring a professional team to restore wet carpeting.

Restoring steps of carpet water damage:

Step 1: Evaluate the situation:

If you want to repair the carpet yourself, the water must be Category 1 or clean water. This means that the water that caused the flood comes from the supply line, defective pipes or rain. If the water source is contaminated, it is not safe to dry the carpet damaged by water. Given the seriousness of the damage, carpets from centimetres to 5 centimetres of water can be easily dried. However, the more water it contains, the harder it is to save on carpet.
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Step 2: Dry the damaged carpet:

Carpets damaged by water may be the best place for mould, so make the process fast. Damaged carpets are probably preserved if the carpet dries completely within 24 hours. You can use a wet and dry vacuum cleaner to suck water out of the carpet. This method is cheap but time-consuming. You can also use a blower, fan, or dehumidifier to dry the carpet. The placement allows for proper air circulation. If the weather permits, open windows and doors to help the drying process. You can also rent commercial equipment to dry the carpet.

 Step 3: Check the severity of carpet damage:

Unfortunately, cushions made of urethane foam can also be victims of flood damage. Also, if water requires upholstery, it is difficult to dry it completely and sometimes water may remain in the upholstery. If the pad is wet and wet, pull up on the lug and remove the pad from below. Gloves should be worn during the process and discarded after removal. When finished, lay the floor covering flat and continue to dry. The fan and dehumidifier must be left on for the carpet to dry completely.

 Step 4: Reinstall the carpet Once the underlay floor and carpet are completely dry, you can get a new underlay and put the carpet back in place. If the carpet gets wet, it can be difficult to handle. Therefore, if necessary, ask a specialist to ensure that the carpet is installed correctly and safely to avoid unsightly bulges and bundles.

 Step 5: Clean carpet damaged by water Now that the carpet has dried completely, it is advisable to keep the once wet carpet free of dirt, germs and debris. You can use a steam cleaner or carpet cleaning system and rent a machine to completely clean your carpet.

The above steps will help you to retrieve the carpet. However, in most cases, it is best to leave the water-damaged carpet to a specialist who is a carpet drying and cleaning expert. They have the right equipment and knowledge so they can work properly. Consult total flood damage Melbourne for the rapid carpet water damage services and other water restoration solutions.