Wet Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Wet Carpet Drying Melbourne Myths Everyone Should Know!

Has your brand-new carpet been damaged due to toilet leak or might be water heater burst? Or might be due to, someone has left the tap running in the sink or washroom; no matter how had the carpet damaged but the prime focus of this article is, what should you do to dry the wet carpet to minimize the damage or wet-patch? Should I rely upon wet carpet drying Melbourne company? Or should make a new purchase if the service cost is unaffordable.

First and foremost, you should go through some basic carpet related information. But, before you meet any wet carpet Melbourne company or before some of the people suggest you wrong guidance, prepare yourself with some rumoured factors that can misguide you whenever you try to hire any company. Let’s go through this guide.

Basic information about water and carpets…

  • Mostly, residential carpets have a pad underneath it which can be anywhere from ¼ inch to an inch thick. Although, the pads provide cushioning and it gives your carpet comfortable, and soft feel when you walk on it.
  • And, commercial carpet in office and shops don’t generally have a pad underneath it.
  • This carpet pad absorbs water like a sponge but, the problem with the pad is, it is a sponge and can hold many times its own weight in water.
  • Through this, carpet cannot hold much water as carpet may feel solid under the feet and it offers little resistance to water passing through it

Let’s go through myths that people should clear about!

Myth #1: The carpet will dry at its own

The carpet will dry by itself. However, you should inspect, will it smell bad or it has mould on it by the time it is dry? What other damage will occur if the carpet dries well? Are you living in a place where you have low humidity and high temperature? Then, there are very fewer chances that carpet and pad will dry before mould starts growing or bacteria start creating the wet carpet odorous.

In short, the carpet will dry by itself but, you should verify whether you have mould and smells by the time it is dry and then you will have to fix the issue.

#Myth 2: You can’t dry a wet carpet under a carpet

Generally, you can dry a wet pad even without floating the carpet but, that doesn’t mean you always have to.

#Myth 3: You have to lift up the carpet and float using blowers

To keep the carpet dry and odourless, you don’t have to float carpet if you have a deep extraction tool and if you know how to use it.

Summing up!

While you look for a wet carpet drying Melbourne Company then, you should clear up your minds with some myths. Thus, consider this guide for deep cleaning the carpet. Happy cleaning!