Wet Carpet Cleaning

What are the different ways to keep the carpet away from moulds?

After restoring the carpet from the water damage that too by wet carpet cleaning in Melbourne professional, does it necessarily mean that mould won’t grow on the carpets till its lifespan? Carpets are the delicate pieces of the house that are prone to trapping dust, debris, moisture, pollutants and more. Just the vacuuming would keep them away from the mould growth. Even when taking regular care of carpet in the house the moisture can get locked in the fibres of the carpet due to weather or humidity in the house.

What about the spills of water on the carpet that you are unaware of? Or the carpet is placed near humidity prone areas? This is what we need to work on to keep the mould away from the carpet. Here is a list of ways that could help you prevent mould growth on the carpet.

Make sure there is no excess moisture in the house

The presence of moisture in the room allows the carpet to trap the moisture in the fibres and then we know what happens next. The moisture in the house could be due to many reasons: poor ventilation, poorly cleaned ducts, HVAC system not maintained properly, weather and more. Try to address the source of the moisture to get rid of the moisture. You can also install dehumidifiers in the house for extra help with moisture.

Keep the carpets away from water

Make sure you place the carpets in places of the house that are less prone to water spills or are away from sources of water, like the bathroom and other water involving appliances. Once the house is flooded with a mishap due to any reason, like a pipe burst, does not mean it won’t happen again. Make sure that the house is maintained more effectively. Even if the carpet gets wet, accidentally wipe off the water immediately and dry the carpet or take the professional help.

Regular cleaning

Along with all the precautions, regular cleaning also helps in maintaining the hygiene and cleanliness of the carpet and the house. Carpet has an impact on the indoor air quality so cleaning the carpet regularly becomes a must. Vacuuming the carpets regularly would keep them away from dust, bacteria, debris and more. Make sure that you use vacuum attachments that can make the carpet cleaning more effective.

Leave it on a pro

We do know how to keep the carpet clean but sometimes we may lack in either effort or knowledge that could lead to mould growth. So apart from relying on individual efforts one can also get the carpet cleaning procedures done by professionals. They can have a thorough assessment of the carpet, treat them and clean them accordingly.


Mould infestation on the carpets is very easy due to various favourable conditions that carpet offers. But we cannot let this happen due to high health risk. Professionals with their expertise and experience can save the carpet and the house from mould infestation. If you have not consulted a wet carpet cleaning in Melbourne yet, do it without wasting time, as some damages done to the carpet does not leave any other choice than carpet replacement.