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7 Myths about wet carpet cleaning that aren’t widely known

The water damages the carpet for many reasons, like the toilet may have leaked, the kettle may have burst, or the child may have left the faucet running in the wash basin for hours. Then what are the ways to dry a wet carpet? Before discussing that, there is some general information about wet carpet cleaning in Melbourne; you need to know that it applies to all myths. 

Myth # 1. Wet carpets can dry naturally.

This is correct. Carpets dry naturally, but they can produce foul odours and bacteria. If the carpet is dry, will the pads also dry? No, the underlay is very unlikely because it absorbs a lot of moisture as a carpet and prevents the carpet above it from draining it. This means that when the floor covering is dry, the pads are not. 

Myth # 2. It is impossible to dry the wet pad. 

No, you can dry the damp pad without changing the carpet. 

Myth # 3. Wet pads cannot be dried under the rug 

You can dry the wet pad without floating the carpet, but that doesn’t mean you always have to do it. 

Myth # 4. Professional Carpet Cleaning Dries Your Carpets And Pads 

 No. Unless you are using a specially designed deep extraction tool to remove water from the pad. Regular wet carpet cleaning in Melbourne sticks do not remove perceptible water from carpet pads. 

 Myth # 5. To get rid of the odour of wet carpet, you need to ask for professional cleaning. 

Yes, “almost” has been added. Carpet cleaning machines and methods available to most homeowners are not very effective. Compared to off-the-shelf carpet cleaning equipment, carpet cleaning machines are rented at local supermarkets, and they are the same, but they are not. 

To remove anything but a slight odour from the carpet, you need the high pressure and suction power of a commercial machine. You also need the expertise of a trained and experienced carpet cleaner.

There are many causes and solutions to the different odours of carpet, and it takes training and experience to know what to do. If the baking soda and vacuum cleaner do not work, the best bet is to call a trained and experienced carpet cleaner, preferably an IICRC certified odour control technician. 

Myth # 6. When the flooded carpet is dried, it does not smell of the mouldy, wet carpet. 

 If the carpet is dried quickly and correctly, there will be no odour. The carpet is cleaned effectively, so it smells less. If the carpet and pads do not dry quickly and correctly, you may have problems with musk odour and persistent mould. 


 Myth # 7 You must use a truck mount carpet vacuum cleaner to dry or clean the carpet properly  

 Incorrect. This is an ongoing debate, and it will not be resolved entirely. Portable carpet cleaning machines have the advantage of short hose paths, and truck mounts benefit from high performance. What matters is the technician who has the wand. A good technician on a lousy machine will do better than a wrong technician on a good machine. 

Hiring a professional for wet carpet cleaning in Melbourne is always a wise decision rather than doing it yourself and ruining the carpet. Total Flood Damage Melbourne is the best company in the flood and water damage restoration industry. The company has dedicated technicians and specialists with years of experience and offers the best services.