Wet Carpet Drying Melbourne

Amazing Health Benefits of Wet Carpet Cleaning

There are various types of carpet cleaning methods widely used differently by industries. many old carpet cleaning methods are no longer proven effective as they were before because carpet used in older days and carpets used in today’s generation is so much different. With the changing time and people’s choices, carpet cleaning techniques are also updated with time.  Hot water extraction is a popularly famous carpet cleaning method that is proven effective in the removal of germs and allergen completely .its famously known as steam cleaning in the commercial industries.

Carpets and rugs are the most used thing that has high-traffic on the regular basis especially if you have the pets and small kids in your house then it is most likely to get dirty and stained on the regular basis but some dirt and stains cant be cleaned at home so, it required the professional wet carpet cleaning in Melbourne for the assured results. It’s always a good option to periodically clean carpet and another necessary house stuffs to maintain a healthy and fresh environment.

 Wet cleaning methods:

Hot water extraction(HWE): in hot water extraction, the carpet is cleaned under the high-pressured water tank with a solution to remove all the dust and debris from the carpet and then vacuumed to dry the carpet after efficient cleansing.

Carpet shampooing

The carpet shampooing method is beneficial in removing stubborn stains, thick dirt, oil, and muds. shampoos and detergent-based cleaning products clean the stains and dirt effectively while maintaining the actual color of the carpet.

Bonnet cleaning:

In bonnet cleaning, hard cleaning spray is buffed to the carpet. It generally contains a cotton or rayon pad soaked in the rotary shampoo machine for cleaning.


Encapsulation uses low concentrated water so basically called low-moisture cleaning. In the encapsulation process, the chemical is sprayed on the entire carpet, and then the brush is brushed all over the carpet with a rotational bonnet machine to facilitate cleaning.  Carpet can be used instantly after the encapsulation cleaning.

Here are some health benefits of wet carpet cleaning :

  1. Wet cleaning is effective because the carpet is cleaned under high-pressure steam so, it not only cleans effectively but it also kills 90% of germs and bacteria.
  2. Steam cleaning and vacuuming removes all contaminants and dirt hence, clean carpet improves air quality in-home.
  3. Effective steam cleaning prevents the growth of mold and bacterias on the carpet.
  4. Wet carpet cleaning prevents dust mite infestations.
  5. Highly extracted carpet is cleaned efficiently and hence it promotes the life of carpet while retaining its shine and better condition.
  6. It doesn’t leave a smoky and foggy smell in the home hence, providing a clean and fresh feeling in the home.

Wind-up: Hope you loved reading our blogs with interesting carpet cleaning information. It’s important to choose an effective and safe carpet cleaning technique, more importantly, it is important to select the best cleaning company for carpet cleaning service. consult the total flood damage Melbourne today for all kinds of carpet cleaning service and flood damage restoration service.