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How to Clean a Rug That’s Soiled with Carpet Water Damage

When things go bad, they go very, very bad. When the carpet gets wet, it becomes soiled and dirty — fast. Soaking a sofa in your house isn’t going to get it clean; you need to do something about it. The same goes for carpets. Carpet has a natural oils that keep it from drying out like a tarp does; however, when water gets spilled or there’s leaking pipes somewhere, the moisture dries out the fibers of the carpet and causes it to soil easily. If you think your carpet is soaked and needs to be cleaned quickly — don’t despair! There are several different ways you can tackle this problem without having to call in a professional.

Vacuum a Soiled Rug

If your rug looks like it’s been through a washer, there’s a good chance it has. Vacuuming a soiled rug is actually one of the best ways to get rid of excess water and dirt. Make sure the rug is completely dry before vacuuming. After vacuuming, if the rug is severely soiled, you might want to vacuum it again to get the remaining water off.

Machine Wash

If you have a soiled rug that needs to be machine washed, make sure the water temperature is low enough to prevent the rug’s fibres from spinning out. Machine wash the rug on a delicate cycle with a low-temperature setting to prevent the rug’s fibres from becoming stressed. If the water gets too hot, the fibres will break, causing the rug to soil.

Air Drying

If your rug gets soiled through wear and tear, you can try air drying it. This method simply involves letting the soiled rug air dry in a draft-free area. Remember to remove the rug from the room when it’s done drying to prevent mildew.

How to Incorporate Carpet back into Your Home?

There are a few ways to incorporate a soiled carpet back into your home. If the carpet is still inside, you can simply lay it out on the floor and vacuum it up later. If the soiled carpet is on the outside of your home, there are a few options. Keep the Soiled Carpet Out If you choose to keep the soiled carpet outside, try to limit your contact with it. If a dog urinates on the floor and you walk on it, you’re adding moisture and bacteria to the ground. If a pet gets on the carpet, pick up the pet’s waste with a rug broom and give it a good bath to get all the fur off.


Carpets harbor a lot of dirt and moisture and can get soiled very quickly. If your rug looks dirty and you’re not sure how to tackle it, a professional shouldn’t have to look at it. There are many different ways to clean a soiled rug, and the best one will depend on your preferences and how often you have your rug cleaned. Regardless of the method you decide on, be sure to follow the instructions precisely — even if you’re not a professional! Hire total flood damage melbourne for the stunning carpet water damage Melbourne services today!